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Disambig icon.png This article is about the storybook item type. For other "book" items, see Book.

A storybook is any item that opens up a window depicting a book of tasks. Each storybook contains multiple pages: some have buttons that can be used to trigger the start of a mission while most simply describe the story behind various accomplishments. In most books, the pages are initially empty, until the character completes or unlocks a particular task. Most storybooks can be submitted to a historian or scribe in exchange for rewards.

Storybooks are automatically customized; only the named character can fill them out and receive credit for handing them in. They are not stackable and they cannot be sold to merchants.

List of storybooks[edit]

Campaign-based books
Prophecies Factions Nightfall Trilogy
The Flameseeker Prophecies.pngThe Flameseeker Prophecies (Hard Mode).png Shiro's Return.pngShiro's Return (Hard Mode).png Night Falls.pngNight Falls (Hard Mode).png Young Heroes of Tyria.png
The Flameseeker Prophecies Shiro's Return Night Falls Young Heroes of Tyria
Eye of the North
Hero's Handbook.pngHero's Handbook (Hard Mode).png Master Dungeon Guide.pngMaster Dungeon Guide (Hard Mode).png
Hero's Handbook Master Dungeon Guide
Bonus Mission Pack storybooks Cross-campaign quests
Gwen's Story.png Saul's Story.png Togo's Story.png Turai's Story.png Zho's Journal.png Golem User Manual.png
Gwen's Story Saul's Story Togo's Story Turai's Story Zho's Journal Golem User Manual

Using a storybook[edit]

To read or use a storybook, double-click on that storybook's inventory icon. A window resembling an open book will appear, showing the table of contents with page links. Pages can also be turned by clicking on the bottom corners or by dragging a page corner to one side, as if flipping the page. There is a blue tab on the left side to turn to the table of contents and a red tab on the right side to close the book.

Depending on the storybook, some pages have an "Enter Mission" button at the bottom. Clicking it will initiate a mission countdown that, at its end, will teleport the character's party (or solo if required by the mission) to the relevant mission area. Ending the mission, regardless of whether it was successful or if it was resigned from, will return the party to where it was started from.


  • Only the primary mission is required to add a page in each of the seven campaign-oriented books; you can skip any bonus or Master's Reward tasks.
  • If there are more than one of the same book in a player's inventory, only the one in the most lead spot will be filled out.
  • You can add nearly 60% progress towards completion of the Survivor title (requires 1,337,500 continuous experience without the player's death) by saving all the primary books and turning them in at once:
    • The seven campaign storybooks yield at least 495,000 experience, 517,500 if Young Heroes of Tyria is given to Gordon Ecker.
    • The four Eye of the North books contributes another 300,000 experience.
  • You can receive retroactive credit for a task even if you failed to bring the storybook with you during the mission/dungeon.
    • Visit the relevant NPC within 30 days and pay them 100Gold per task.
    • You can extend that grace period by another 30 days if you complete another mission/dungeon from the same book (in Normal or Hard mode). (source)
    • However, you cannot receive retroactive credit if you have multiple books and placed them in the wrong order.


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