Young Heroes of Tyria

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Young Heroes of Tyria
Young Heroes of Tyria.png
Rarity Common
Type Storybook
Value Can't be sold
Stackable No
Campaign Core
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Double-click to read. Keep this book with you to record your deeds as you complete missions in Hard Mode.

— in-game description

Young Heroes of Tyria provides lore for the early Cooperative Missions completed in Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Factions, and Guild Wars Nightfall. There is only a hard mode version of this book.

The entries or pages found in the book:

The Tales of Young Heroes 1  Zen Daijun 10
The Great Northern Wall 2  Chahbek Village 11
Fort Ranik 3  Jokanur Diggings 12
Ruins of Surmia 4  Blacktide Den 13
Nolani Academy 5
Borlis Pass 6
The Frost Gate 7
Gates of Kryta 8
Minister Cho's Estate 9


The following NPCs will only offer a Young Heroes of Tyria to characters on an account with Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall, and hard mode unlocked on any of those campaigns.


Young Heroes of Tyria
Pages Allegiance points1 Promotion points2 Experience Gold Gold
Anja, Gorani Captain Ahkenchu,
Source of Whispers
Anja, Captain Ahkenchu,
Gorani, Source of Whispers
Gordon Ecker Anja, Captain Ahkenchu,
Gorani, Source of Whispers
Gordon Ecker
7 16,000 800 8,000 12,000 800 1,200
8 20,000 1,000 10,000 15,000 1,000 1,500
9 24,000 1,200 12,000 18,000 1,200 1,800
10 30,000 1,500 15,000 22,500 1,500 2,250
11 40,000 2,000 20,000 30,000 2,000 3,000
12 60,000 3,000 30,000 45,000 3,000 4,500
13 90,000 4,500 45,000 67,500 4,500 6,750
1 Points added directly to either the Kurzick or Luxon allegiance titles.
2 Points added directly to either the Lightbringer rank or the Sunspear rank.


  • This item is automatically customized upon acquisition.
  • You can request a second copy of this storybook if the first is placed in storage.
  • You cannot turn this book in until you have at least 7 pages filled (6 missions completed; bonus objectives are not required).
  • If you do not have the book in your inventory when completing a mission, you may ask one of NPCs listed on the Acquisition section to fill in the page for 100 gold per mission.
    • Your character cannot buy pages retroactively if that character goes 30 days without completing one of the missions listed in this book (source).
    • Retroactive entries will only be made for the first book in your inventory.
  • If your account or character has achieved the maximum rank in the aforementioned Factions and/or Nightfall title tracks respectively, you may still request books, complete at least 6 of the missions and turn them in to Gordon Ecker for the most experience and gold.



The Tales of Young Heroes page.jpg

The Tales of Young Heroes

In this book, you will find stories of young heroes from across the world of Tyria, those who played their parts at the beginnings of larger tales, fighting against treason, civil unrest, plagues, and dark gods. Some of these tales may sound familiar to you, for they lead into the larger stories of heroes such as you, who took up the banners of truth, light, and justice. Hear now the tales of these young heroes of Tyria, that you might learn from their shining examples, and always remain vigilant against the evils of the world.

Prophecies missions[edit]


The Great Northern Wall page.jpg

The Great Northern Wall

Our first tale is of a young hero born in Ascalon. Two years after the Searing, this once great Kingdom, crippled by a savage war, tries to hold back the tide of Charr pushing at its crumbling capital. Hearing word that Bonfaaz Burntfur had amassed an army and was preparing to strike, Captain Calhaan instructed our young hero to scout the movements of the Charr army. The hero and a hand-picked squad picked their way through hills rumored to be haunted by ghosts of fallen soldiers, finally coming to a hilltop that overlooked the amassed Charr forces. Below them, Bonfaaz Burntfur's warband prepared to strike at the Great Northern Wall, but the immense size of the force, momentarily paralyzed our hero, and in that moment, the scouting party was spotted! The Charr warband mobilized and chased the scouting party all the way back to the Wall where Captain Calhaan waited for word of their findings.


Fort Ranik page.jpg

Fort Ranik

We next find our young Ascalonian hero in a desperate battle to push the invading Charr back from the Wall. Fighting their way behind enemy lines, our hero's party eventually reached Siegemaster Lormar, who needed help repairing the trebuchets. If operable, these trebuchets could devastate the Charr lines from behind. Together they salvaged parts and repaired the first trebuchet and fired on the enemy. One careful shot took out an entire squad. Our hero fought deeper into Charr controlled territory to fire another trebuchet, finishing off the mighty warband and its leader, Craze the Unforgiving. The young hero's victory for Ascalon stoked a fire within Prince Rurik, and he roused his men with a fervent speech. For Ascalon and the King!


Ruins of Surmia page.jpg

Ruins of Surmia

After seeing great feats of cunning and strength, Prince Rurik decided to take the budding hero on a special mission. The prince wanted to penetrate Charr lines and rescue Ascalonians held as prisoners of war. Rurik led the small strike team from prisoner camp to prisoner camp, but his enthusiasm for the mission brought them face to face with a much larger force then they could handle deep in Charr territory. Prince Rurik urged the party on toward the ruins of the Royal Academy, where they made their stand. They held back the Charr long enough to open the Academy doors and retreat to temporary safety. Inside, the prince reclaimed the mouthpiece of the legendary horn, Stormcaller. Only then did he activate the runes and escape through a portal linking the ruins with the academy at Nolani. The mages who assisted our hero's escape stayed behind to continue the valiant fight against the Charr.


Nolani Academy page.jpg

Nolani Academy

The Prince and our young hero found Nolani in no better shape than the academy in Drascir. The Charr had surrounded academy and laid siege to its walls. Rurik's timely arrival was a god-send as he still carried the mouthpiece for Stormcaller. With the young hero's help, Rurik pushed through Charr lines and made his way to Rin. Here the prince set the mouthpiece in place and used the legendary weapon against Ascalon's mortal enemies, bringing victory to the day. King Adelbern arrived to congratulate his son on the victory and to call for renewed push against the Charr. But in the ruins of Rin, father and son argued bitterly about how to lead the country during this time of war. Rurik argued that they should retreat across the mountains to Kryta and regroup. The king, having lived through Guild Wars, still viewed Kryta as bitter enemy, and declared they would never abandon Ascalon to the Charr. In defiance, Rurik rallied to people of the Rin to flee with him into the Shiverpeaks. In response, Adelbern declared he had no son.


Borlis Pass page.jpg

Borlis Pass

Prince Rurik moved the refugees swiftly into the mountains, leaving the young hero to protect the rear. As they worked their way higher and higher into the snowy pass, the young hero found this frigid land held its own challenges. For one thing, the Deldrimor Dwarves were locked in a bitter civil war with their cousins of the Stone Summit, who violently opposed incursions of any kind into their territory. As they marched through the pass, the refugees had to light storm beacons to signal that authorized travelers sought passage. But these beacons held no sway with the Stone Summit, and our hero had to clear a path through to Krok's Hollow and then on to Groobie's Gulch, where the refugees stopped to prepare to pass through the Frost Gate, a territory held by the merciless Stone Summit Dwarves.


The Frost Gate page.jpg

The Frost Gate

Again Prince Rurik sought out the young hero for a mission of incredible importance. The Stone Summit Dwarves occupied the area around the great Frost Gate, which opened onto the borders of Kryta. For the Ascalonian refugees to get through, someone would have to disarm the Stone Summit ballistae and secure safe passage through the gate. Our hero gladly undertook this dangerous mission, fighting on cliffs above to clear a path for Rurik and the refugees below. With the gate open, the refugees poured through into Kryta, but Prince Rurik stayed behind to allow our hero to make it through safely. Facing a horde of Stone Summit, Rurik proved his prowess until Dagnar Stoneplate, in desperation, brought down an avalanche. Pinned down, the Prince fell to the evil Dwarf's mighty blade while our hero looked on, powerless to stop it.


Gates of Kryta page.jpg

Gates of Kryta

Having vowed to fufill Prince Rurik's dying wish to see the Ascalonian refugees safely into Kryta, our young hero marched the group to safety. However, the refugees found Kryta in dire straights as well. Undead had risen up all over the land, terrorizing the local population. The king of Kryta had fled and a mysterious group called the White Mantle had taken over governing and protecting the kingdom. However imperfect this haven might be, our hero had made a promise, and returning the frigid passes of the Shiverpeaks was not an option. So the hero pushed on through the undead ranks blocking the way and into Lion's Arch, seeking both refuge and new battles to fight. Upon entering the gates, the young hero sought out the Lionsguard to volunteer assistance. It is then that our young hero's true story began, but that is a tale for another day.

Factions missions[edit]


Minister Cho's Estate page.jpg

Minister Cho's Estate

Far across the sea from Lion's Arch, the great cities of Cantha sprawl together into an urban jungle, while the glorious Jade Sea and the dark Echovald Forest stand frozen in time, a mute testament to the Jade Wind which fractured this country. The hero of this tale comes from the time of Emperor Kisu when a strange plague gripped the region and a long dead enemy resurfaced. Our young Canthan hero attended the monastery on Shing Jea Island where many heroes of that land trained. A favored pupil of Togo, half brother of Emperor Kisu and a hero in his own right, this new hero learned the ways of combat while investigating a disturbance on the island. Together with Togo and another pupil, Yijo Tahn, our hero's journey began as a simple visit to one of Togo's friends, ended with the discovery of a horrible plague that had infected the island, turning its population into wretched, murderous abominations.


Zen Daijun page.jpg

Zen Daijun

Determined to find the source of the evil plague spreading across the picturesque island, Master Togo sent his pupils out to warn the people and help evacuate those in peril. Togo and our young hero entered the Zen Daijun Valley, seeking the source of the rampant infection. They summoned the aid of Zunraa, the valley's guardian spirit, and made their way through in search of survivors, putting the afflicted to rest, and seeking the cause of the plague. Along the way they found poor Yijo Tahn, who had been in the area when the plague hit. Releasing the pupil from his affliction, Togo and the hero pressed on to Daijun Library, where they found the insignia of Shiro Tagachi, the traitor who caused the Jade Wind, emblazoned on the floor in the library. Our hero's sedate life at the monastery came to an end that day as many headmasters and students traveled with Master Togo and his young pupil to the mainland. There, the young Canthan hero teamed up with Mhenlo and Togo and went on to save the Dragon Empire from the evil Shiro Tagachi, but that is a tale for another day.

Nightfall missions[edit]


Chahbek Village page.jpg

Chahbek Village

In the tropical lands of Elona, young boys and girls dream of growing up to join the elite Order of the Sunspears, defenders of the three Elonian provinces of Kourna, Vabbi, and Istan. Renowned for their tactical prowess and unflinching honor, the Order of the Sunspears certainly inspired the young hero of this tale. This story started on the very day Spearmarshal Kormir welcomed the young hero to the ranks of the Sunspears. Training exercises quickly turned into a skirmish with corsairs raiding the nearby village of Chahbek. Never one to pass up an opportunity to train her recruits in the art of battle and the ethics of defending the meek, Spearmarshal Kormir guided our hero and the rest of the recruits into Chahbek, but let them take the lead in repelling the corsair raid. After sinking two pirate ships, the corsair invasion came to an end. But, a storm had been brewing for a long time, and Kormir knew these young heroes must be ready for whatever has to come.


Jokanur Diggings page.jpg

Jokanur Diggings

Shortly after our young hero joined the ranks of the Sunspears, a delegation from the nearby province of Kourna arrived. This delegation included the Kournan leader, Warmarshal Varesh Ossa, and required delicate and sometimes tense diplomacy. At the same time, strange things began happening in Istan. Kournans were spotted snooping around in places they should not be. Melonni, a young lady from Kourna, arrived bearing dire warnings. And then, miners working in an archaeological dig began to die mysteriously, leaving behind corpses covered with strange, glowing purple marks. Kormir lead [sic] our young hero into the ruins of Fahranur, the First City, to investigate the deaths and found that the long-dead citizens of the city had been awakened by some evil force. In the very heart of the city, Kormir found the cause, a beast called the Apocrypha, which foretold the coming of darkness.


Blacktide Den page.jpg

Blacktide Den

Following a lead from a young woman named Tahlkora, our hero investigated a rumor that Warmarshal Varesh and her mentor, General Kahyet, were plotting with the corsairs against Istan. Wearing corsair disguises, the Sunspear recruits infiltrated deep into Lahtenda Bog and confronted the general about her traitorous connection to the corsair raiders. Caught red-handed, Kahyet attacked with astonishing ferocity to defend her plot. But in defeat, Kahyet revealed an even darker alliance than a Kournan alliance with the corsairs. Before she died, Kahyet, showing herself to be a zealous worshiper of the fallen god Abaddon, foretold the coming of Nightfall. The death of a prominent Kournan official on Istani soil would cause a huge incident that would eventually lead to Istan invading Kourna, but that is a tale for another day.


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