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The land north of Ascalon’s protective Great Northern Wall is occupied by a savage race of beasts known as the Charr.

To the Charr, flame is the physical representation of their gods. In order to keep the gods happy, they must first fulfill their obligation to the flame. To that end, the Charr have constructed a series of sacred buildings known as Flame Temples. On raised platforms, these bestial creatures have inscribed huge circular runes, which define and magically feed the sacred fires. Further defining the ring are pillars of pure obsidian or carved sandstone, sculpted to depict the faces of the mysterious creatures the Charr worship. Between these pillars, in the very center of each of these temples, are the ever-burning Sacred Flames. The Charr believe that as long as the flames are burning, the gods are pleased. If the flames go out, then the Charr have failed in their duties and will be punished by the gods.

Each temple has its own fire, which is tended at all times by four Charr Flame Keepers. The Flame Keepers have only one job—to keep the Sacred Flame burning. This is the most prestigious position a Charr can occupy; only the strongest, most capable Charr can take this honor, and all other Charr bow to the Flame Keepers.

In addition to the temples, whenever a large Charr warband travels anywhere, they take with them a bronze brazier, lit at a Flame Temple by the Sacred Flame. These braziers are placed upon palanquins, which are then carried from location to location by four Charr Flame Carriers. Each night when they make camp, the Flame Carriers erect a flammable effigy in the shape of one of their gods, then ignite it and let it burn till daylight.

Humans learned quickly how to read the flame sign: if the flame is lit, the Charr camp is occupied. If the flame is out, the Charr have moved on.

The Guild Wars Manuscripts

A savage race of sentient beasts, the Charr will use any means available to destroy their enemies: an ambush is as honorable as a fair fight, as victory is what matters. Though Charr have no concept of mercy, they can be protective of those within their tribe.


Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars Nightfall, and Guild Wars Eye of the North.

Concept art by Kekai Kotaki.

The Charr are a savage fighting race that once dominated the eastern side of the Shiverpeak Mountains. They fought anything they could - including themselves. Eventually the many warbands of the Charr united under a single leader: the Khan-Ur.

In the days before the Gods of Tyria brought the Humans to Tyria, the Charr battled with the Forgotten in the Blazeridge Mountains. Long after the Forgotten stopped threatening the Charr, the Humans appeared and, with the help of their Gods, pushed the Charr from their southern borders, conquering the land that became known as Ascalon in 100 BE. Along with being pushed back, the Khan-Ur was assassinated, preventing any hope the Charr had to retake their lands. The death of the Khan-Ur caused a schism among his four children, who became known as imperators, and brought the establishment of the High Legions - the Ash Legion, the Blood Legion, the Flame Legion, and the Iron Legion.

In order to combat the Humans, they sought gods to call their own, and at the volcano called Hrangmer, the Burnt Warband discovered gods for the Charr. Having found gods, the Shaman caste, the first Charr to unite under the new fiery gods, united the rest of the Charr warbands under their faith. Though one Charr, Bathea Havocbringer, rejected these new gods. She was quickly executed as a living sacrifice to the gods and the Shaman caste banned all female Charr from warbands and armies, sent to do utility work.

Their gods gave the Charr the Cauldron of Cataclysm, allowing the Charr to breach the Great Northern Wall and assault the three Human kingdoms of Ascalon, Orr, and Kryta. In their assault, they ended the last Guild Wars through the Ritual of the Searing, causing crystals to fall from the sky and shatter the Wall.


In modern times, the Charr generally follow the way of the Shaman caste. The caste led them in the name of the fiery "gods": the Titans. The Shamans, fully knowing that they were false gods, used them as a pretense to control the other Charr and antagonize the Humans. Many bases of worship can be seen including burning effigies of titans littering Charr camps in Ascalon.

During A Flickering Flame and Dismember the Titans, Scorch Emberspire learns the truth, that the Titans are not gods. Scorch expected to be rewarded in the afterlife for his service to the Titans, but was pulled instead into the Realm of Torment. When he inquires of one of his people's "gods" why this has happened, the Titans attack, revealing the lies the Charr were told by the Shamans.

In Guild Wars: Eye of the North Pyre Fierceshot and his warband have dedicated their lives to bringing down Hierophant Burntsoul and the Shaman caste. The Shaman's grip over the Charr was weakening steadily so they reaffirmed their rule over the Charr with the Destroyers as their new gods. This relationship is seemingly destroyed on the mission Assault on the Stronghold where the destroyers are released on the players by the Charr but ironically turn on the Charr instead. Finishing the mission results in Pyre Fierceshot telling the Charr to remember this day and continue to spread the word that there are no gods for the Charr.

List of hostile NPCsEdit

Region Creature type Affiliation Name Trophies
Guild Wars Prophecies
Ascalon (pre-Searing) n/a Charr   8 Charr Axe Fiend
  8 Charr Blade Storm
  8 Charr Hunter
  7 Charr Shaman
  8 Charr Ashen Claw
  8 Charr Chaot
Charr Carving
Charr Hide
Ascalon n/a Charr   8 (23) Charr Axe Fiend
  24 (26) Charr Axe Lord1
  6 (23) Charr Axe Warrior
  8 (23) Charr Blade Storm
  5 (23), 6 (23) Charr Blade Warrior
  6 (23), 8 (23) Charr Scout1
  6 (23) Charr Warrior1
  8 (23) Ember Bearer1
  8 (23) Charr Hunter
  5 (23), 6 (23) Charr Stalker
  24 (26) Charr Stalker Lord1
  4 (22), 5 (23) Charr Martyr
  6 (23) Charr Overseer
  7 (23) Charr Shaman
  24 (26) Charr Shaman Lord1
  6 (23), 8 (23) Charr Ashen Claw
  24 (26) Charr Ashen Lord1
  5 (23), 6 (23) Charr Ash Walker
  8 (23) Charr Chaot
  24 (26) Charr Mind Lord1
  5 (23), 6 (23) Charr Mind Spark
  5 (23), 6 (23) Charr Fire Caller
  24 (26) Charr Flame Lord1
  8 (23) Charr Flame Wielder
  7 (23) Flame Keeper1
Charr Charr    20 (26) Charr Axemaster1
   20 (26) Charr Blademaster1
   20 (26) Charr Bladestorm1
   20 (26) Charr Seeker1
  20 (26) Charr Wardkeeper1
  20 (26) Charr Avenger1
Superb Charr Carving
Unknown Charr    [30] Charr Axe Fiend1
  [30] Charr Skullcrusher1
  [30] Charr Hunter1
  [30] Charr Shaman1
   [30] Charr Chaot1
   [30] Charr Flame Wielder1
   [30] Charr Avenger1
   [30] Charr Shadow1
Guild Wars Eye of the North
Charr Homelands Charr Charr   20 (26) Elite Charr Guard1
   20 (26) Charr Axemaster2, 3
   20 (26) Charr Blademaster3
   20 (26) Charr Bladestorm2
  20 (26) Charr Sentry1
  20 (26) Elite Charr Guard1
   20 (26) Charr Seeker2, 3
   20 (26) Charr Prophet2, 3
   20 (26) Charr Mender3
   20 (26) Charr Hexreaper2, 3
   20 (26) Charr Dominator2, 3
  20 (26) Charr Wardkeeper2, 3
   20 (26) Charr Firereigner1
   20 (26) Charr Flameshielder2, 3
  20 (26) Charr Avenger2, 3
Superb Charr Carving
Elemental4 Charr4   28 (30) Charr Hunter Beast
Unknown Charr4   28 (30) Charr Effigy
Depths of Tyria Charr Charr    20 (26) Charr Shadowblade
   20 (26) Charr Defiler
   24 (30) Charr Warden
Guild Wars Bonus Mission Pack
The Rise of the White Mantle Charr Charr   16 Charr Axe Fiend
  15 Charr Demolisher
  16 Charr Ash Caller
  18 Charr Ash Storm
  18 Charr Ash Thief
  12 Charr Ash Walker
   18 Charr Sootreigner
  12 Charr Ash Bearer
Elemental4 Charr4   28 Charr Hunter Beast
The Flight North Charr Charr   20 Charr Prison Guard
  15 Charr Tracker
  15 Charr Scout
  1. Only during quests and missions.
  2. Also encountered in the Far Shiverpeaks during quests and missions.
  3. Also encountered in the Depths of Tyria.
  4. Suspected

Notable CharrEdit


Voice responsesEdit

All responses are only heard during Eye of the North.

  • "I'm not impressed."
  • "The Charr shall rule."
  • "You may be useful."
  • "You look weak."
  • "You want something, meat?"


Battle quotesEdit

All quotes are only seen during Eye of the North.

  • "By order of the Shamans, you will burn!"
  • "Die with dignity, human!"
  • "For the warband!"
  • "Make peace with your gods, prey!"
  • "Meet your fate!"
  • "Show them no quarter!"
  • "Sparks to fire! Fire to ash!"
  • "Stand still, meat!"
  • "The legion!"
  • "Victory above all!"


The six known Charr ideograms used in the Charr Battle Plan Decoder.



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