Vatlaaw Doomtooth

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Vatlaaw Doomtooth
Charr ranger.jpg
Affiliation Charr
Type Charr (boss)
Profession Ranger Ranger
Level(s) 6
Campaign Prophecies
Vatlaaw Doomtooth is a Charr ranger boss who first appears in Lakeside County to the south of Ashford during the quest Trouble in the Woods. He spawns on the left side of the road towards Regent Valley, near where the citizens are standing (before you start the quest).

Defeating Vatlaaw is also the final objective to completing the Ascalon Academy mission, and upon defeating him and his party you trigger a cinematic depicting the Searing. You are then transported to Old Ascalon after a two-year time jump forward.

It is not known whether Vatlaaw Doomtooth belonged to the Flame Legion (his location places him in close proximity to them) or the hypothetical Doom warband.

Vatlaaw is the father of the revolutionary, Pyre Fierceshot.




4 Marksmanship.

Items dropped[edit]


  • During the quest Trouble in the Woods, Vatlaaw will occasionally become blocked or stuck, and not make his escape. He will not fight back and can be easily killed. This however, does not affect his role later in the Ascalon Academy mission.
  • If you wish to kill Vatlaaw Doomtooth during the Trouble in the Woods quest, the only guaranteed way to do so is to do this quest with a partner of significant level, who can be waiting at Vatlaaw's spawn point up the road from Ashford. Upon spawning, Vatlaaw will immediately begin to cast Favorable Winds, then turn and begin to run away, fleeing through the portal to Regent Valley. You will have to act quickly, but can kill him before he reaches the portal.
  • Another way to kill Vatlaaw Doomtooth is to sneak around the mountain and attack him from behind (after talking to Devona). This way, he will be forced to run into you while trying to flee into Regent Valley. If you have enough firepower, you can kill him. Otherwise, use Imagined Burden to slow him down.
  • Gwen can be used to block or hinder his escape path.
  • Vatlaaw Doomtooth uses both Ignite Arrows and Barrage. Barrage will remove Ignite Arrows when used.
  • Vatlaaw Doomtooth is also one of only two enemies in pre-Searing who has an elite skill. The other is Bill, the Rogue Bull. Despite them having elite skills, due to the timeline within the game, you cannot use a Signet of Capture on either of them.
Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike most other Prophecies bosses, Vatlaaw does not have Natural Resistance.