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The party is on for the anniversary of Guild Wars! Starting April 22nd at Noon Pacific (-7 GMT), we open Shing Jea Boardwalk, Dragon Arena, and the Rollerbeetle Races. In addition, Birthday Cupcakes and many other special items will drop all throughout this event. For more information, visit

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Guild Wars is another year older and the party just won't stop! Strap on your party hats, unpack your fireworks, and get ready to celebrate!

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The Anniversary Celebration is a special event that occurs annually from April 22, 19:00 UTC, (source) to May 6, 19:00 UTC, (source 1, 2) which commemorates the original release of Guild Wars on April 28, 2005.





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Blessing of War Proof of Legend Proof of Triumph Xunlai Anniversary Storage Voucher
Blessing of War.png Proof of Legend.png Proof of Triumph.png Scroll of Rampager's Insight.png


The following items drop randomly from foes:

Alcohol Hard Apple Cider Hunter's Ale Krytan Brandy Battle Isle Iced Tea1
Hard Apple Cider.png Hunter's Ale.png Krytan Brandy.png Battle Isle Iced Tea.png
Festive item Bottle Rocket Champagne Popper Sparkler Party Beacon1
Bottle Rocket.png Champagne Popper.png Sparkler.png Party Beacon.png
Sweet Birthday Cupcake Honeycomb Sugary Blue Drink Delicious Cake1
Birthday Cupcake.png Honeycomb.png Sugary Blue Drink.png Delicious Cake.png
Reward trophy Victory Token2
Victory Token.png
1Can only be dropped from bosses.
2Can be exchanged for items from Elite Xunlai Agent Isa Ku, Seiji, Sheng Yi, and Zaishen Supply Masters.


  • In Guild versus Guild during this event, the opposing Guild Lord drops 10 Birthday Cupcakes for each player of the winning team when he dies. To prevent exploitation, no rewards are offered if (a) the match ends after 28 minutes without either side killing a Guild Lord or (b) the battle ends in under 5 minutes (e.g. due to one team resigning or zoning).
Proof of Steel Decade Zaishen Honor Chest
Decade Zaishen Tribute Chest
Decade Zaishen War Chest
Proof of Steel.png Decade Zaishen Chest.png


These Anniversary Celebration NPCs appear with Shing Jea Boardwalk event NPCs:

Name Location Collects
Ancient Anniversary Weaponsmith1 Embark Beach 5 Proofs of Legend
Anzhaer, Hammer of Balthazar1 Heroes' Ascent -
Elite Xunlai Agent Isa Ku1 Great Temple of Balthazar, Lion's Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, and Kamadan, Jewel of Istan 10 Victory Tokens
Sadie Salvitas Lion's Arch 100Gold
Zaishen Acolyte1 Heroes' Ascent 1 Proof of Steel
  1. These NPCs continue to appear for one week after the Anniversary Celebration until May 13, 19:00 UTC.


  • This event is unique in that all foes can drop multiple event-related items at the same time, not just bosses.


  • All of the Anniversary Celebrations prior to the Eighth Year Anniversary Celebration (2013‎) introduced a new Birthday Present. The Eighth Year Anniversary Celebration introduced the Birthday Present Voucher.
  • The Ninth (2014) Year Anniversary Celebration started earlier than expected on April 2, 19:00 UTC (source). From April 2 until the April 17 update, it only featured Elite Xunlai Agent Isa Ku, fireworks displays, Ceira, Sworn to Fire offering to unlock the Hound of Balthazar, and event-related drops. After the April 17 update, all Anniversary Celebration festivities (except Sadie Salvitas) became active. After the April 18 update, Sadie Salvitas began appearing. The event ended as expected on April 29, 19:00 UTC.
  • In the Eighth (2013) and Ninth (2014) Year Anniversary Celebrations, the events were scheduled to occur annually from April 22, 19:00, to April 29, 19:00 UTC (source). The April 20, 2015 update increased the duration of the event to two weeks (ending on May 6, 19:00) for the Tenth (2015) Year and future Anniversary Celebrations.
  • The April 22, 2015 update introduced several new features to the Anniversary Celebration.
  • The April 22, 2020 update added 10 new PvE-only elite skills, one for each profession.

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