April Fools' Day 2007

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Before and After

The 1st day of April, known as April Fools' Day, was celebrated in Lion's Arch, Shing Jea Monastery and Kamadan, Jewel of Istan. In these towns, all player-controlled characters had their genders reversed (i.e. a male character would show up as a female in these towns, with the corresponding facial features, hairstyle and skin color, and vice versa). In addition to appearance, characters' emotes were also reversed.


  • Many people liked their new appearances, so Gaile Gray said she would ask if an NPC could be added to change players' genders as they wish; however, Gaile mentioned that we would likely be unable to choose the face or the hair style. More on the Gaile Talk of the event.
  • This event was not added in to the updates page; although, on the date they made the preparations for the free access event, there was an unusually long download amount and time. This is most likely when they added in the coding.
  • In one of Gaile Gray's talks, she mentioned developers are mulling on making a gender-changing tonic.


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