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Enter the Dragon Festival!

Just over two hundred years ago, the Jade Wind changed Cantha forever.

After years of struggle, The Dragon Empire rose anew from the ashes of the devastation. To commemorate the rebirth of the Empire of the Dragon and the indomitable spirit of the Canthan people, the Dragon Festival is held every summer at Shing Jea Monastery.

All travelers to Cantha are invited to partake in the games, festivities, and quests, or just enjoy the wonders of the season.

This year’s festival runs from Thursday, July 1st to Sunday, July 4th and features a visit from the Emperor himself!

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Mission and final event schedule[edit]

All times are listed in both Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7) and UTC. UTC times in italics were on the next day. Missions were available from Captain Rujiyo for 30 minutes.

Thursday, July 1
Shing Jea Boardwalk, Dragon Arena, and Rollerbeetle Races open after the update.
Friday, July 2
Mission one (Haiju Lagoon) 4:00 AM 11:00 12:00 PM 19:00 8:00 PM 3:00
Mission two (Jaya Bluffs) 8:00 AM 15:00 4:00 PM 23:00 12:00 AM 7:00
Saturday, July 3
Mission three (Tsumei Village) 2:00 AM 9:00 8:00 AM 15:00 2:00 PM 21:00 8:00 PM 3:00
Mission four (Seitung Harbor) 4:00 AM 11:00 10:00 AM 17:00 4:00 PM 23:00 10:00 PM 5:00
Sunday, July 4
Mission five (Tsumei Village) 1:00 AM 8:00 7:00 AM 14:00 1:00 PM 20:00 7:00 PM 2:00
Mission six (Seitung Harbor) 3:00 AM 10:00 9:00 AM 16:00 3:00 PM 22:00 9:00 PM 4:00
Mission seven (Shing Jea Monastery) 5:00 AM 12:00 11:00 AM 18:00 5:00 PM 0:00 11:00 PM 6:00
Final event Every two hours beginning at 2:00 AM / 9:00 (UTC);
Last final event begins at 11:59 PM / 6:59 (UTC)
Monday, July 5 - Sunday, July 11
Imperial Supply Master Kagno appears and remains in Shing Jea Monastery to exchange Victory Tokens for the Sinister Dragon Mask.

Final event[edit]

See also Dragon Festival#Finale
Started on July 4, 2010.
Last update
Friday, 18:18 UTC
(24 hr format)
2:01 am 09:01
4:01 am 11:01
6:01 am 13:01
8:01 am 15:01
10:01 am 17:01
12:01 pm 19:01
2:01 pm 21:01
4:01 pm 23:01
6:01 pm 01:01
July 5
8:01 pm 03:01
July 5
10:01 pm 05:01
July 5
12:01 am
July 5
July 5

Emperor Kisu appeared in Shing Jea Monastery every two hours, and gave the Sinister Dragon Mask to each player in exchange for 250 Victory Tokens (the tokens are taken automatically from the character's inventory). Shortly after the distribution of the masks, Celestial Charges started to drop which players were required to deliver to the Imperial Sorcerers before being caught by a Grasp of Insanity. One point was rewarded to the Canthans for each charge delivered while the Grasps received a point for each charge destroyed. A win for the Canthans resulted in a celebration complete with fireworks and anywhere from 11–14 Festival Prizes. A win for the Grasps resulted in them going crazy and killing everyone they touched. A player received one Victory Token for each Celestial Charge they delivered.

  • Imperial Supply Master Kagno arrived after the festival was finished to allow players that missed the final event to get the new mask.
  • Festival Prizes (from the finale) continue to be added to your inventory for several minutes after each finale ended, at the rate of about 1-3 each minute.
Bug Bug.Some players reported receiving the mask only if they had exactly 250 Victory Tokens in their inventory.
Bug Bug.During some finales, the Grasps of Insanity did not show up in all districts.



Festival rewards[edit]

Many quests and events reward players with special items only available during the festival. Here are some items you might be lucky enough to come across during the Dragon Festival:

Icon Item
Birthday Cupcake.png Birthday Cupcake: Double-click to grant yourself +100 maximum health, +10 maximum energy, and 25% increased movement speed for 10 minutes. Can only be obtained from Zaishen Supply Masters.
Bottle of Rice Wine.png Bottle of Rice Wine: A Bottle of Rice Wine is an alcoholic drink. You will need to drink 3 Bottles of Rice Wine in 1 minute to get drunk and gain points towards the Drunkard title track.
Bottle Rocket.png Bottle Rocket: Bottle rockets create a visual effect, visible for all players in a district to see and hear. The effect begins as a vertical smoke trail speeding up and away from the character, and then a small "pop" with a visible burst over the characters head. This item adds 1 point towards the Party Animal title track.
Champagne Popper.png Champagne Popper: Champagne Poppers create a visual effect in front of your character, visible for all players in a district to see and hear. The effect starts as a "pop" and the instantaneous appearance of many small square pieces of orange/red confetti in front of the player, that then begin to slowly drift earthward. This item adds 1 point towards the Party Animal title track.
Crème Brûlée.png Crème Brûlée: When consumed, Crème Brûlée enchants the user with Sugar Rush (10 minutes, 25% speed boost). This item can only be used in towns or outposts and will add 3 points towards the Sweet Tooth title track.
Flask of Firewater.png Flask of Firewater: Flask of Firewater is an alcoholic drink. When consumed it will go towards attaining the Drunkard title track. Consuming this item will turn your screen red.
Red Bean Cake.png Red Bean Cake: When consumed, enchants the user with Sugar Rush (5 min 25% speed boost). This item will add 2 points towards the Sweet Tooth title track.
Sparkler.png Sparkler: Sparklers create a visual effect over the head of your character, visible for all players in a district. They last around 17 seconds. This item adds 1 point towards the Party Animal title track.
Sugary Blue Drink.png Sugary Blue Drink: When a Sugary Blue Drink is consumed, it gives a Sugar Jolt (for 2 minutes you move 50% faster). This item adds 1 point towards the Sweet Tooth title track.
Victory Token.png Victory Token: Victory Tokens can be redeemed for a variety of items from Sheng Yi and Seiji (collector), who are located near the Xunlai in the Shing Jea Monastery, or from Zaishen Supply Masters in Lion's Arch, Kamadan, Jewel of Istan and the Great Temple of Balthazar.
Sinister Dragon Mask.png Sinister Dragon Mask: This year's exclusive new mask!


Players standing on invisible rings, and rough terrain, during Nine Rings.
Anomaly Anomaly.There were a number of oddities during and after the last finale:
  • Festival decorations were removed from outposts, although the finale had not yet finished.
  • Players on the Shing Jea Boardwalk were transported back into the monastery.
  • Players in some districts were transferred to another district.
  • Although the boardwalk decorations were removed after the finale, the boardwalk NPCs remained and the minigames were still playable, even though the rings for Nine Rings and Rings of Fortune could not be seen.
  • The Dragon Festival quests were reset at this time: any of those quests that were still in the quest log were removed and Imperial Guard Hanso was offering The Rampaging Yetis, even to characters that completed it already; however, once that character accepts that quest and exits the current district, it is removed from the quest log.

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