Shing Jea Monastery (mission)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a mission. This name is also used for an outpost.
Shing Jea Monastery
Shing Jea Monastery (mission) map.jpg
Event Dragon Festival
Region Shing Jea Island
Type Cooperative
Party size 4

A special mission that is only available during the final day of the Dragon Festival.

Mission information[edit]


  • Simultaneously close the opened "rifts" in Shing Jea Monastery. [0...4] of 4 Rifts closed



Enter via Captain Rujiyo in Shing Jea Monastery.





Introductory Dialogue[edit]

Captain Rujiyo: "Places, everyone, places. *Ahem* Canthans, our troops report enemy forces arriving en masse. Check in with me to receive battle orders!"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "Captain...."
Captain Rujiyo: "What now, Musashi? More good news, I suppose?"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "Sir, the enemy... we've received word of a massive battalion of reinforcements through those accursed rifts."
Captain Rujiyo: "Where are they headed, Musashi?"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "That's the problem, Captain. Their numbers are too great to confront. They are headed straight for the monastery and we haven't the resources to stop them."
Captain Rujiyo: "Then we'll fight them here, right by the emperor's side. This is our last stand."
Captain Rujiyo: "Muster every villager, farmer, commoner, mercenary, and henchman you can find. We cannot fail!"
Imperial Guard Musashi: "Yes, Captain!"
Captain Rujiyo: "Canthans, guests from afar, students of the monastery, and able-bodied heroes-for-hire, all of you listen to me!"
Captain Rujiyo: "Our enemy approaches with a mighty army, one we cannot defeat without your assistance."
Captain Rujiyo: "Now is the time to stand up and fight for your homeland, your countrymen, and your freedom. Those willing to take up arms and head to the front lines should see me for orders. May the emperor's blessings be upon you."

Entry dialogue[edit]

Captain Rujiyo
"We're in serious trouble, [Character Name]. Our foes have pushed through our defenses and have nearly reached the monastery. This is our final line of defense, our last stand. We cannot allow the monastery to fall. Will you join us and fight for the emperor?"
Accept: "Yes, I am ready to help the emperor."
Decline: "Not right now, I'm busy."


  • This mission is only available for a 30 minute period on the schedule set for the Dragon Festival.
  • One player had the average completion time for the quest of 5 minutes.
  • The actors share the same racial traits as the creatures they imitate and thus only corpses from Demon and Wurm actors are exploitable.


  • 100 Jade Wind Orbs was the reward in 2006.
  • In addition to the monsters listed above, Terrorweb Dryders also appeared during Dragon Festival 2006.
  • In subsequent years, all quests and missions were re-enactments of the first year's events. As such, the original monsters were replaced with actors and the rifts with pinwheels.