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A spirit spammer is a type of build that emphasizes the use of binding rituals to create a small army of spirits. These builds can be used for significant armor-ignoring damage, for offensive or defensive support, to create a spirit wall to body block opponents, or even as fodder to distract the enemy AI from other soft targets.


Spirit spammer builds are based around one of four elites, typically supported by one or more energy management skills. Since most of the work can be done by 3-4 binding rituals, this leaves plenty of room on the skillbar for additional utility skills.



Energy management[edit]

  • Signet of Creation Signet of Creation — spawning power signet often used for regaining energy.
  • Spirit Siphon Spirit Siphon — a preferred energy-generating skill for channeling magic.
  • Boon of Creation Boon of Creation — spawning power enchantment aids energy management and health gain.

Other important skills[edit]


  • Shaman's Insignia
  • Can often use a spear and shield instead of caster weapons: increasing armor is often more valuable than decreasing recharge and casting time for 1-2 spells.


  • Rapid spirit creation provides additional damage, support, and control for the party.
  • Distracts the enemy from allies, increasing overall party durability.
  • Vulnerable to burning.
  • Vulnerable to anti-summon spikes, especially Consume Soul.
  • Vulnerable to AoE damage and foes that strike multiple targets, notably dervishes and barrage rangers.
  • Susceptible to critical hits (due to their low level), especially against hard mode foes.


  • Historically popular names for this character have included: Soul Spinner, Spirit Wrangler, Spirit Master, Spirit Monger, Spirit Binder, Spirit Shepherd, Spirit Shaman, Spirit Spam, Spirit Wall, in addition to Ritual Lord or Soul Twister.
  • The June 2009 and the February 2010 updates buffed various binding rituals and spirit-generating skills (notably Soul Twisting, Ritual Lord, and Signet of Spirits). This allowed for more rapid creation of stronger and longer-lasting spirits.
  • The spirit spammer is often considered the Guild Wars equivalent of turtling.

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