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A bomber is a type of build which purpose is to deal a high amount of AoE damage in a short amount of time, similarly to nuking or spiking, by using skills with an AoE centered on the user, therefore requiring to enter a group of foes. The main difference with spiking builds such as those based on Vow of Strength or Hundred Blades is the endangerment of the bomber, which is often a caster such as a Necromancer, an Elementalist or a Ritualist. Due to the low armor rating, the frontline position, the frequent use of Death Nova and the tendency of some builds to self-sacrifice (especially with Necromancers), a bomber usually dies in the process. This type of build is therefore often seen in areas where resurrection isn't a problem such as in Jade Quarry.

Bombers typically run Assassin as secondary profession to get access to Shadow Steps skills, but not always : using a speed boost to get quickly into range of the foes can also do, while Bundles-based builds such as Destructive was Glaive bombers can also rely on corpse teleportation skills from the necromancer profession in order not to drop their Item Spell in the process.

N/A Original Bomber[edit]

The build is a variation of a Saccer, and relies on sacrifice skills to cause massive Area of Effect damage via Dark Aura. Conditions (such as the self-inflicted bleeding) are transfered to enemies via Contagion. Upon death the enchantment Death Nova triggers and deal AoE damage and poison.

Death Nova.jpg
Death Nova
Dark Aura.jpg
Dark Aura
Putrid Bile.jpg
Putrid Bile
Shadow Walk.jpg
Shadow Walk
Signet of Agony.jpg
Signet of Agony
Touch of Agony.jpg
Touch of Agony
Death Magic: 12+3+1
Blood Magic: 12+3

E/A Fire Magic bomber Build[edit]

See also: Starburster

E/A Shockwave[edit]

The build relies on Shockwave as a mean to inflict three conditions. Unlike most other bomber skillbars, this one has much more survivability due to the conditions (Blindness, Weakness) it inflicts.

Shadow Walk.jpg
Shadow Walk
Crystal Wave.jpg
Crystal Wave
Ward Against Foes.jpg
Ward Against Foes
Earth Attunement.jpg
Earth Attunement
Earth Magic: 12+3+1
Energy Storage: 12+1

Rt/N bomber Build[edit]

The build relies also on Death Nova and Channeling Magic skills along with Item Spells such as Grasping Was Kuurong or Destructive was Glaive to deal AoE damage. Pre-cast Destruction and once in the mob use Draw Spirit to teleport it to your position, then Rupture Soul for more damage.

Death Nova.jpg
Death Nova
Explosive Growth.jpg
Explosive Growth
Destructive Was Glaive.jpg
Destructive Was Glaive
Spirit Rift.jpg
Spirit Rift
Consume Corpse.jpg
Consume Corpse
Draw Spirit.jpg
Draw Spirit
Rupture Soul.jpg
Rupture Soul
Channeling Magic: 12+3+1
Death Magic: 10
Spawning Power: 10+1


Pre-cast self-enchantments, cast the range damaging skill you have then jump to the center of a mob, and explode.


  • Highly-effective against unprepared teams.
  • In Jade Quarry, fast capturing speed without combat.
  • Death Penalty and Resurrection delay
  • Troubles with protective spells, spirits, healing and condition removal.
  • Vulnerable to enchantment-stripping (especially in the case of builds based on Death Nova), interrupts and snare.


  • Necromancers can also use a pet for a second Death Nova.

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