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Stance. Shadow Step to target foe. For 15 seconds nothing happens. Your attack skills are disabled for 1 second, and your stances and enchantments are disabled for 10 seconds. When this stance ends, you return to your original location.

Concise description

Stance. (15 seconds.) Shadow Step to target foe. End effect: return to your original location. Disables your attack skills for 1 second. Disables your stances and enchantments for 10 seconds.


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  • Consider bringing a cancel stance so that you get to choose when you return to your activation location.
  • If you reuse this skill before its duration ends (for example, through recharge from Morale Boost), you will shadow step to the second target (as expected), but you will return to your original location (from the first time you used the skill).
  • When the stance ends, the character is returned to his original location via shadow step.
  • Avoid using with adrenaline attack skills; the adrenaline will be lost when those skills are disabled.
  • This is the only shadow step skill that teleports you to your target and lacks an aftercast delay, which allows you to attack your target instantly. Since Shadow Walk disables your attack skills, it is not commonly used with martial professions; however, spellcaster professions that rely on close combat skills, such as Star Burst or saccers that rely on Death Nova, may find this skill useful.