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The duration of each effect is displayed as a small bar inside the icon. For effects which last indefinitely or until a specific action occurs a certain number of times, no bar is displayed.

Duration is the amount of time an effect lasts. Duration is always specified in skill descriptions and is measured in seconds. The amount can be fixed or vary with a skill's attribute; it can also be increased or decreased by other factors. Duration applies to effects such as conditions, enchantments, wards, hexes, and shouts.

Variable durations are usually show in this form: 0...12...15.

  1. The first number indicates the duration for a skill with its attribute set to zero.
  2. The second number displays the duration if the attribute is set to 12, i.e. the maximum value without the help of modifiers.
  3. The third number shows the duration for an attribute rank of 15.


Increased or decreased durations are rounded to a whole number of seconds. Testing reveals that the rounding method for most effects is half to even.

Duration modifiers[edit]

Durations can be modified by other skills, by conditions, or by equipment. These increases and decreases are always measured in percentages.

In addition, some effects can be canceled or renewed by skills or changing circumstances. For example, some shouts are completely renewed when a chant or another shout is applied, while engaging a stance automatically ends any existing one.

Increasing modifiers[edit]

Skills that increase duration.

Hex spells[edit]
Shouts and chants[edit]

Decreasing modifiers[edit]

Skills that reduce duration.


Other factors that affect skill duration[edit]

Other factors that are not skills are designed to either increase or decrease the duration of certain effects.

  • Some common armor runes and off-hand inscriptions can reduce the duration of a specific condition by 20%.
  • Some weapon prefixes can increase certain condition duration by 33%.
  • Of Enchanting is a weapon upgrade that lengthens the duration of enchantments you cast by 10-20%.
Weapon spells[edit]