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Skills that affect an area[edit]

See also: Fail#Skills that don't fail when target foe dies during activation, Nuker

These skills immediately affect an area of the map, centered upon an (unmoving) area determined when casting is finished. Notably, they have no maximum number of indirect targets and do not fail should the target of the skill die while casting. Skills that do not require a target are designated with a "centers on self" note. Traps are not listed here.

Skills that are affected by certain skills on a skill bar[edit]

Skills that are affected by the number of allies, foes, effects, etc.[edit]

Skills that are affected by two attributes[edit]

Excluding inherent effects from primary attributes.

Skills that affect multiple allies/foes around target[edit]

These skills specify a specific number of maximum allies or foes affected within an area around the target.

Hexes that affect the caster[edit]

See also: Death#Hexes that are automatically removed when the caster dies

Affects all of caster's allies

Attack skills that cannot be blocked[edit]

Skills that cause negative effects on allies or self[edit]

See also: Nature ritual, Sacrifice

Skills that cause positive effects on foes[edit]

See also: Nature ritual

Skills that convert damage into healing[edit]

Skills that enhance conditions[edit]

Skills that provide immunity to a condition[edit]

Enchantments with an initial effect[edit]

Enchantments with an end effect[edit]



Skills that remove multiple conditions[edit]

Skills that are replaced with other skills[edit]

Main article: Copying skills

Skills that last indefinitely without an upkeep[edit]

Skills that add effects to more than one melee attack[edit]

See also: Attack#Skills buffing attacks, Attack skill#Skills related to attack skills, Melee attack#Skills related to melee attack skills

IAS, damage conversion and bonus to critical hit chance are not included. Also, these skills must be able to target the user.