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An attack is performed whenever your weapon is swung or launched at a foe. Selecting a foe and pressing "Spacebar" (default key) will cause you to attack. Melee weapons attacking are represented by them being swung, and ranged weapons are represented by projectiles being thrown or shot towards the enemy.

These are auto attacks, with no special augmentation. Warrior, Ranger, Assassin, Dervish, and Paragon professions all have attack skills: skills which (generally) use the same timing as an auto attack but which do something extra: more damage, knock down, application of conditions, etc.

Hitting with attacks is the most common way to build adrenaline. Attacks, and the added effects from attack skills, form the primary damage source for most teams. Brawler's and Nightstalker's Insignias increase armor rating while attacking.

Related skills[edit]

See also: Skills that are related to melee attacks or melee attack skills, affect ranged attacks, and trigger an effect on failed attacks.

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