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A projectile in Guild Wars describes ranged weapons and spells that result in a visible object fired by the user, aiming towards their target. A projectile weapon is any weapon that can be used at range, including bows, spears, staves and wands. Many Assassin and Elementalist spells fire projectiles at their targets.


  • A projectile requires a clear line of sight; however, it does not require a clear flight path.
  • A projectile's trajectory is calculated based on the location and velocity of the target at the time of fire, automatically "leading" targets. Projectiles can be dodged by changing speed or direction after they are fired.
  • Some projectiles have a higher flight speed than others, making them much more likely to hit an erratically-moving target.
  • All projectile weapons have unlimited ammunition.
  • Bows and spears have increased range and damage when used against lower-elevated targets and decreased range and damage when used against higher-elevated targets.
  • When a skill refers to blocking projectiles, projectile spells (such as Disrupting Dagger) are not blocked; only arrow, spear, staff, and wand projectiles are.
  • Projectile spells will not automatically fail to hit if the caster is blinded, but they have a greater chance to stray from their intended target.