Line of sight

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Line of sight (LoS) is the straight line path from you to your target. Projectile spells and ranged attacks require a clear line of sight (i.e., no obstacles) so that the projectile can hit the target; otherwise, the projectile has no effect. Instead, one of three messages appears (in yellow text) beside the target:

  • Obstructed: if the target was behind a physical barrier when the projectile was fired.
  • Stray: if the target is moving toward an obstructed location.
  • Dodge: if the target kites (changes direction), causing the projectile to land in the place where the target would have been.

Unlike blocking, failing, and missing, line of sight does not require skill-based interference.


Anomaly Anomaly.Sometimes stray appears when the target appears to have dodged.
Bug Bug.You can appear to have a visible line of sight and fail to hit a target. This is common when the target or the attacker is on a bridge. To work around it, move or wait for the target to move.
Bug Bug.You can hit a target even without a visible LoS, because the game mechanics ignore the vertical-axis (sometimes referred to as the Z-axis). For example, a melee attacker standing directly below an enemy behaves as if next to that foe.