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Latency, also known as lag , is the time and delay between client-server requests, usually measured in milliseconds.

Guild Wars has a performance monitor that uses a color code to display the quality of the user's Internet connection as reported by the ping times to the Guild Wars server: a green bubble means low latency, amber is acceptable, and red means the player should expect various issues with delays between taking an action and seeing the result on the screen.

Playing during high latency periods can be risky: you can accidentally aggro too many groups or rezone (if you are auto-walking) and players have been known to lose progress towards the Survivor title.


  • Players also refer to latency as ping, after one of the tools used to measure latency, e.g. I have a bad ping is equivalent to saying, I'm suffering from high latency. However, in-game, ping refers to a sound-effect and rippling image that appears on the compass.
  • According to NCsoft, the performance monitor is not an accurate measurement of the latency of your connection.

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