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Disambig icon.png This article is about the compass function. For client-server interactions, see latency.
Compass window being pinged.


  • A ping is a small colored circle with an expanding "ripple" flash which appears briefly in the Compass to denote a point of interest.
  • Ping is a reference to a player's latency, which is indicated by the Performance Monitor.
  • Pinging a build is sending a build to team chat by ctrl-clicking on the skill bar while in a town or outpost, which can help in coordinating team synergy.

Compass Pings[edit]

Pings can be created by players or caused automatically by a quest or mission. They come in several colors:

  • A red ping is caused by a player in your team clicking on the compass or calling a target. Some enemies generate red pings automatically, such as the siege wurms in Dunes of Despair — which ping at the start of each attack — or the enemies in the Fissure of Woe.
  • A yellow ping is issued by a mission to indicate important landmarks, areas to avoid, destroy, visit, or otherwise consider. These pings often correlate to instructions from NPCs.
  • A blue ping indicates a mission- or quest-critical bundle item that is laying on the ground. Not all important items will ping the map, vision crystal shards are one example.

Pings are also accompanied by a small chiming "ping" sound.


  • Heroes and Henchmen, even heroes controlled by a different player in the party, will focus on called targets but will ignore all other kinds of pings. NPC allies will not respond to any pings at all.
  • There is no way to determine which player issued a given mouse-click ping.

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