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Warriors build up adrenaline during combat, which allows them to use specific adrenal skills. Adrenaline is gained every time a Warrior successfully lands an attack on an opponent, or when harmed by enemy attacks. Some professions have skills that can reduce the amount of adrenaline Warriors build up, preventing them from using their adrenal skills.

Tablet of Wisdom

Some skills do not use Energy. Instead, they use adrenaline. Adrenaline is built up during combat and is measured in "strikes". One strike of adrenaline is gained every time a Warrior successfully lands an attack on an opponent, or when a Warrior takes one quarter of his total Health in damage. Each adrenal skill builds and uses adrenaline on its own. However, when an adrenal skill is used, it will cause all adrenal skills to lose one strike of adrenaline.

Arayah, Bomani, Dume, and Sodan

Adrenaline is a resource cost of certain Warrior, Paragon, and Dervish skills; there are also a few PvE skills that require it. It is represented in skill descriptions as Tango-adrenaline.png.

Gaining adrenaline[edit]

Adrenaline nearly full.

You gain one "strike" (equal to 25 units) of adrenaline each time you successfully hit an opponent with a weapon; you gain one unit (or 1/25 of a strike) each time you lose 1% of your health due to damage. Several skills can increase or decrease the rate that you gain adrenaline, a few generate extra adrenaline if they hit, and another few can grant an instant adrenaline boost. In addition furious weapon upgrades provide a chance to double the adrenaline gained. Finally, Life Bond will decrease adrenaline gain by 50%; however, damage reduction such as Shield of Absorption and Shielding Hands will not affect adrenaline gain.

Adrenaline gain multipliers are capped at +100%, although this can be bypassed by Focused Anger (given a high enough rank in Leadership).

Spending and losing adrenaline[edit]

Each adrenal skill has its own pool of adrenaline and each pool grows simultaneously. Before you build up any adrenaline, each skill will have a dark skill icon in the skill bar. As you gain adrenaline, each of these icons become brighter (and flames creep up higher) until they are fully charged, after which the flame effect vanishes and the skills are fully lit.

When you activate any adrenal skill, its pool is reset to zero and all other skills lose one strike (25 units) of adrenaline, whether or not the skill is interrupted or it fails. If an attack from an attack skill succeeds, it will add to the adrenaline pool (even if the skill did not trigger).

You lose all your adrenaline if you die or after 25 seconds of non-combat (i.e. if you are not attacking, sustaining damage, or otherwise failing to gain adrenaline). You will receive a visual warning that you are about to lose all adrenaline: your partially filled skills will begin blinking. You also lose all your adrenaline after using certain skills, e.g. Wild Blow or due to enemy actions, e.g. Sympathetic Visage. Disabled skills also lose all their adrenaline while recharging skills cannot rebuild adrenaline.

Maintaining adrenaline[edit]

To prevent adrenaline loss due to inaction, many players (especially in PvP) carry a spear. This allows the wielder to continue building adrenaline at a safe distance. Although spears are preferred due to their high rate of attack (and the protection offered by the off-hand weapon slot), some players use a bow instead due to their range.

Rage of the Ntouka, "Make Your Time!", Inspirational Speech, and Signet of Aggression are skills that can help maintain adrenaline out of combat.



  • Before the introduction of spears, players used wands to maintain adrenaline (since they could be accompanied by shields).
  • Some unofficial user mods alter how adrenaline levels appear.

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