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Skills usable by players all have one or more costs associated with their use. These costs are intended to balance their effects by ultimately limiting how often they can be used. Many skill effects can adjust the amount of a cost or even remove it (however, these effects will have their own costs to manage).

Skill resource cost[edit]

Core resources
Additional resources


  • Ranger and Mesmer are the only professions lacking an additional resource cost on any skill: all other professions have skills that use Adrenaline, Upkeep, Sacrifice, or Overcast.

Any All skill lists by other categories (edit)
Core commonBlessingDuplicateEnvironmentMonsterNo attributeTemporaryTitle (skill)

TypeUnlockingCostPvE-onlyPvE versionsPvP versionsPvE/PvP versionsFunctionalityRemoved

Core (codexelite) • Prophecies (pre-elite) • Factions (elite) • Nightfall (hero trainerelite) • Eye of the North (hero trainerelite)

Tango-adrenaline.png AdrenalineTango-upkeep.png UpkeepTango-sacrifice.png SacrificeTango-overcast.png Overcast
Tango-energy.png EnergyTango-activation-darker.png Activation timeTango-recharge-darker.png Recharge timeTango-quest-icon.png Skill rewards