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Aftercast delay is the period after successfully activating certain skills, during which players cannot move or activate other skills. Aftercast delay, which is almost always 0.75¾ second ("s"), is common for skills that have an activation time, but otherwise uncommon. If a skill causes an aftercast delay, then A) your character cannot move or auto-attack until the end of the aftercast period, and, B) the skill must be queued, so it cannot be used while knocked down.


Aftercast delay[edit]

These skill types always have an aftercast delay of 0.75¾ (unless noted further below):


The following skills do not have an aftercast delay, even though they fit one or more of the categories above:

No delay[edit]

These skill types do not have an aftercast delay (unless noted above):

Animation delay[edit]

Attack skills without an activation time have an effective delay, similar to aftercast, caused by weapon animation timing:

Visual glitches[edit]

  • As attack skills override the default auto-attack process and timing (based on the attack speed of the weapon), additional delay can occur when they resume the overlapsing.
  • Bow attack skills with 0.5½ s activation times display in a particular way: as the projectile is fired 0.25¼ s after the initiation of the skill (still following the default length of the animation, yet allowing shorter skill chains).
  • The same mechanics apply to Daggers and Hammers, but is not as noticeable, as their next swing may cut the last part of the skill animation.


  • In certain cases the aftercast delay can be canceled by situational triggers, e.g. by a change of form.
  • Assassin dagger attack skills with activation times that are shorter than the typical dagger animation delay can be used to hasten combo attacks.
  • There are no other known mechanisms to reduce or cancel aftercast delay. In particular, the Mesmer's Fast Casting attribute has no effect on the aftercast delay of spells or signets.


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