Verata's Gaze

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Spell. If target hostile animated undead has a master, its bond to its master is broken, making it hostile to all other creatures. If it had no master, you become its master. (50% failure chance with Death Magic 4 or less.)

Concise description

Spell. Make target undead servant masterless. If it is already masterless, you become its master. 50% failure chance unless Death Magic 5 or more.


Skill trainers

Signet of Capture

Related skills[edit]


  • Although it only allows you to disconnect one minion or to take control of one, its quick recharge and low energy cost is good for taking small groups of minions or taking masterless undead.
  • Good synergy with Malign Intervention.
  • Although it is possible to take control of a minion, it is not possible to take control of effects on that minion. For example, Death Nova will damage the enemies of whoever cast it and not the present controller of the minion. Similarly, Dwayna's Sorrow will heal the party of the caster. The exception to this is Jagged Bones, which will create a minion under the control of whoever controls the minion when it dies.
Bug Bug. When casting Verata's Gaze on a masterless minion that was in a well, the effects of that well will persist even after the minion leaves, until the well expires.
Bug Bug. The caster actually sacrifices 0% health when using this skill. This is relevant for skills such as Dark Aura.
Bug Bug. When used on a Bone Horror immediately after it was created via Malign Intervention, the Bone Horror becomes stuck and will not move until you engage an enemy.
Bug Bug.This skill has no aftercast delay.