Signet of Capture

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Signet of Capture

  • 2 Activation
  • 2 Recharge
Signet (PvE-only)

Signet. Choose one skill from a nearby dead Boss of your profession. Signet of Capture is permanently replaced by that skill. If that skill was elite, gain 250 XP for every level you have earned.

Concise description

Signet. Choose one skill from a nearby dead Boss of your profession. Signet of Capture is permanently replaced by that skill. If that skill was elite, gain 250 XP for every level you have earned.

Some skill trainers will offer a skill to you called Signet of Capture. This specialized skill can be used to capture skills from bosses. A boss is clearly identified by the glowing aura that surrounds them, and they are typically much more difficult than normal enemies and provide more and better loot. Once you have killed a boss, you can activate the Signet of Capture in your skill bar. A list of the skills that boss had will appear, and you will be allowed to pick one of these skills, unlocking it for your own use. If you choose not unlock [sic] any of the skills from that particular boss, you can simply retain your Signet of Capture for a later time. Keep in mind that you can only capture skills from a boss of the same primary or secondary profession as yourself.

Tablet of Wisdom

The Signet of Capture is a skill used to capture skills from dead bosses.


Skill quests
Skill trainers
Anomaly Anomaly.The skill trainers in Lion's Arch, Camp Rankor, Vasburg Armory, and Ascalon Settlement in North Kryta Province do not sell this skill. Tyrian (Prophecies) characters can purchase a Signet of Capture in Lion's Arch from Magi Malaquire.

Capturing skills[edit]

The following steps allow a player to capture a skill using the Signet:

  1. Obtain the signet and add it to the character's skill bar.
  2. Kill an appropriate boss.
  3. Activate the signet (while in the boss' vicinity)
  4. From the skill-pick window, select one of the available skills and press the capture button.
  5. The Signet will be replaced with the new skill.
  6. When you return to an outpost, you will have one less capture signet available in the skills panel.

Capture notes[edit]

  • The skill-pick window will show skills from all bosses within range that belong to the character's primary profession and current secondary. It will not show two types of skills:
  • The capture button will be greyed out and prevent capturing two types of skills:
    • Already known skills, i.e. you cannot re-capture a skill.
    • Skills from campaigns not yet linked to the account.
  • Signets are typically used to capture elite skills, but they can be used for other skills, too:
    • Some ordinary skills can be obtained sooner via capturing than through a skill trainer; these are noted on the relevant skill's wiki article.
    • It is cheaper and easier to obtain the Resurrection Signet via the relevant campaign quests.


  • Each time a character learns a new elite, they gain another point of progress in the relevant Skill Hunter title track.
  • Unlike other skills, it is possible to obtain multiple copies of Signet of Capture.
  • This skill counts as a PvE skill:
    • It cannot be equipped for PvP or by heroes.
    • You can equip up to three copies of this signet on your skill bar.
    • Although this allows you to have multiple elites after capturing, when you zone, you will be left with only one elite.
      • The game will drop any extra elites on the left side of the skill bar.
      • You may rearrange your skills so that the skill you wish to keep is on the right before you zone.
  • This skill cannot be Echoed, unlocked, or learned by using a skill tome.
  • Non-fleshy bosses leave a spot on the ground rather than a visible corpse.
Anomaly Anomaly.Signet of Capture's actual range is larger than earshot.

Dialogue (if no skills for your professions)[edit]

No valid skills were found. You can only capture skills that correspond to your profession.


  • This skill was once intended to be called "Signet of Attainment".
  • Prior to the June 8th, 2005 update, this skill had to be activated at the same time the targeted boss activated the desired skill.