Capturing the Signet of Capture

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Capturing the Signet of Capture
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Elder Jonah
in Marga Coast
Preceded by The Great Escape
Type Secondary quest
Capturing the Signet of Capture introduces use of Signet of Capture to Elonian characters.

Quest information[edit]



Early benefits[edit]

  • You receive a Signet of Capture after obtaining this quest for the first time.



There are quite a few bosses in the general area; see Marga Coast for image of Boss locations. Any boss will do, though.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Elder Jonah
"Have you ever encountered creatures with skills you would like to learn? With a Signet of Capture, you can do just that. Here, take this one, and use it to "capture" skills for your own use. Common foes don't have enough Energy to activate the Signet's power, so keep an eye out for bosses…those with exceptional power. You can recognize these powerful foes by the auras surrounding them. After destroying such a foe, activate your Signet of Capture and select one of that foe's skills. You can only capture skills that your profession can use, but even so, this Signet is an extremely valuable resource. Some exceptionally powerful skills can only be gained by using this Signet.
Do you understand how to use the Signet of Capture?"
Yes Accept: "Find a boss. Kill it. Activate Signet. Pick a skill. Rinse. Repeat. Got it."
No Decline: "I think you lost me at "powerful foes.""
Ask Ask: "If you wish to test your Signet of Capture, seek out and destroy a powerful foe…one with a glowing aura. Remember, the Signet's power is limited; you may only capture skills you would normally be able to use."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Elder Jonah
"Well, you seem to have mastered the use of the Signet of Capture. Congratulations. As a reward, I shall give you one more Signet, free of charge."