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A boss is a creature trait of an NPC. They can be distinguished from other mobs by a colored aura and they usually have a unique name rather than a generic one. A player can use a Signet of Capture to capture non-monster skills from bosses. Most bosses, except for those encountered early in the campaigns, have elite skills which may be captured.

When a boss is slain, the party will receive a +2% Morale Boost. In addition, a boss may drop more or better loot than non-boss creatures. For example, only bosses drop experience scrolls (excluding Scroll of the Lightbringer), Elite Skill Tomes (in Hard mode), and many also drop unique items.

Special traits[edit]


This table shows the correspondence between the color of the bosses' Auras and their professions.

Profession Color Example
Warrior Warrior Yellow Arrahhsh Mountainclub.jpg
Ranger Ranger Spring Green Ahvha Sankii.jpg
Monk Monk Blue Am Fah Leader.jpg
Necromancer Necromancer Green Bredyss Longstride.jpg
Mesmer Mesmer Magenta Magenta boss aura.jpg
Elementalist Elementalist Red Zarnas Stonewrath.jpg
Assassin Assassin Lavender Maximole.jpg
Ritualist Ritualist Cyan Afflicted Yijo.jpg
Paragon Paragon Pale Yellow Shrieker of Dread.jpg
Dervish Dervish Grey Asterius the Mighty.jpg

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Lists of bosses by species (edit)

DinosaurDolyakDragonDredgeDryderDwarfElementalEnchanted armor
HumanHydraImpInsectJade constructKappaKirinMandragorMinotaur
SkeletonTenguTrollWardenWurmZombieOther species