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A boss is a creature trait of an NPC. Bosses can be distinguished from other mobs by a colored aura and in most cases a unique name.

Bosses are typically stronger than average monsters, either due to their usually higher level and some special traits:

On the other hand, defeating a boss yields higher rewards than defeating a regular foe:

Technobabble is a skill behaving differently depending on whether the target is a boss or not.


This table shows the correspondence between the color of the bosses' Auras and their professions.

Profession Color Example
Warrior Warrior Yellow Arrahhsh Mountainclub.jpg
Ranger Ranger Spring Green Ahvha Sankii.jpg
Monk Monk Blue Am Fah Leader.jpg
Necromancer Necromancer Green Bredyss Longstride.jpg
Mesmer Mesmer Magenta Magenta boss aura.jpg
Elementalist Elementalist Red Zarnas Stonewrath.jpg
Assassin Assassin Lavender Maximole.jpg
Ritualist Ritualist Cyan Afflicted Yijo.jpg
Paragon Paragon Gold Shrieker of Dread.jpg
Dervish Dervish Grey Asterius the Mighty.jpg

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  • One weakness that many bosses share is that they have very few (albeit powerful) skills, making many of them vulnerable to having their skills disabled and/or interrupted. Their limited skill bars often result in most of their power coming from 1-2 key skills, making skills like Distracting Shot, Disrupting Chop, Arcane Thievery and Diversion potentially devastating if used correctly.
    • Bosses in Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall typically have only 3-5 skills, making many of them particularly vulnerable to disabling effects.
    • Bosses in Eye of the North typically have 5-7 skills, making them less vulnerable to disabling effects.
    • Bosses in Guild Wars Beyond often have a more complete skill bar and are as a result the least vulnerable group.
  • Most bosses in Prophecies share spawning locations with other bosses — you might have to rezone several times to find a specific boss.
  • Most bosses are hostile, but there are several boss allies: the Veldrunner Centaur in Kodonur Crossroads, Freezie in The Strength of Snow, and Grentchus Magnus in Straight to the Heart. When they die, the party receives a standard morale boost and you can capture their skills.
  • Typically, hard mode bosses use the same builds as their normal mode counterparts. (In contrast, other NPCs usually have updated builds for hard mode, even if their nearby boss uses the same build in normal mode.)