List of warden bosses

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Name Profession Campaign Map Location(s) Elite Skill Unique Drop
Arbor Earthcall Elementalist Elementalist Factions Morostav Trail Shockwave Shockwave Arbor's Earth Staff
Falaharn Mistwarden Assassin Assassin Factions Morostav Trail Beguiling Haze Beguiling Haze Falaharn's Split Chakrams
Flower Spiritgarden Ritualist Ritualist Factions The Eternal Grove (explorable area) Preservation Preservation Spiritgarden's Repose
Foalcrest Darkwish Necromancer Necromancer Factions Mourning Veil Falls Spoil Victor Spoil Victor The Darkwish
Inallay Splintercall Ranger Ranger Factions Morostav Trail Quick Shot Quick Shot Inallay's Hornbow
Jayne Forestlight Monk Monk Factions The Eternal Grove (explorable area) Air of Enchantment Air of Enchantment Jayne's Staff
Kyril Oathwarden Necromancer Necromancer Factions Morostav Trail Cultist's Fervor Cultist's Fervor Kyril's Fervor
Milefaun Mindflayer 1 Mesmer Mesmer Factions Arborstone
Mourning Veil Falls
Energy Surge Energy Surge Milefaun's Staff
Ryver Mossplanter 1 Ranger Ranger Factions Arborstone
Arborstone (explorable area)
Lacerate Lacerate Ryver's Shortbow
Salke Fur Friend Ranger Ranger Factions Melandru's Hope Heal as One Heal as One None
Sunreach Warmaker Warrior Warrior Factions Morostav Trail "Charge!" "Charge!" Sunreach's Shield
Tembarr Treefall Warrior Warrior Factions The Eternal Grove (explorable area) Devastating Hammer Devastating Hammer The Ugly Stick
Warden of Saprophytes 1 Assassin Assassin Factions Ferndale Beguiling Haze Beguiling Haze Falaharn's Split Chakrams


1 - The location and/or appearance of this boss is dependent on a mission or quest.