Blessing of the Kurzicks

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Blessing of the Kurzicks
Blessing of the Kurzicks.jpg
Campaign(s) Factions
Faction Kurzick
Cost 100Gold.gif
Type Blessing
NPC(s) Kurzick Priest

Blessing. You have +25 maximum Health and +3 Health regeneration. You gain Kurzick faction for hunting in the area. Boss creatures provide bonus faction.


Related skills[edit]


  • This is a bounty-like blessing:
    • You gain faction for each level 20+ creature killed: 10 in normal mode and 20 in hard mode.
    • Kurzick foe deaths also count, e.g. during In the Army (Luxon).
    • Bosses yield 125 faction in normal mode and 250 in hard mode after killing at least 13 foes (including the boss). Otherwise,
      • Bosses killed in normal mode yield ten times the number of foes killed (e.g. if the boss is the fifth to die, you receive 50 points).
      • In hard mode, this increases to a factor of 20.
  • This blessing stacks with the Blessing of the Luxons, if available.
    • You will gain a total of +50 health and +6 health regeneration.
    • You will also earn both Kurzick and Luxon faction, although you will have no way to take advantage of it (since opposing faction is lost when you donate).
Anomaly Anomaly.Kurzick Priests in the area will offer you the blessing again and take 100Gold from you, even though you gain no benefit from this.
Anomaly Anomaly.While under both blessings, as the experience gained from foe death is displayed, the related faction data is sometimes layered rather than side-by-side, i.e. the experience gained appears on top of the Kurzick and Luxon faction earned.