In the Army (Luxon)

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In the Army (Luxon)
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Recruiter Lysandra
in Maishang Hills
(The Jade Sea)
Type Secondary quest Repeatable quest
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Help recruit some fresh blood for the Luxon army to help with the growing Kurzick problem.

Quest information[edit]


  • Find and enlist four recruits into the Luxon army. [4...0] recruits remaining.



The recruits are scattered around the area. The map shows the location of 8 recruits, but you only need 4. To get one to follow you (and join your group as an ally), speak to them once and click on the dialogue option. You can lead them back to the recruiter or caravan up to four recruits together. If one dies after joining, they cannot be resurrected, so you have to find a replacement.

Although they do try to keep out of harm's way, they walk slowly and can fall far behind; keep an eye out to make sure that they follow you (otherwise you have to go back for them). To start over, you need to map back to Bai Paasu Reach (which automatically abandons this quest), then re-enter Maishang Hills and get the quest again from Recruiter Lysandra.



Humans (Kurzicks)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Recruiter Lysandra
"Of late, the number of new recruits has declined. With tensions between us and the Kurzicks heating up, we can't afford a drop in our numbers. I've always considered my job an important one, but now, the pressure is on like never before, and I could really use some help. What do you say? Will you head into the foothills and round up 4 recruits for me? If you have any luck, be sure to bring them back here so I can begin their training."
Yes Accept: "Yes sir! Err'am!"
No Decline: "This is beneath me."
Ask Ask: "I thought you were supposed to be out enlisting 4 more recruits, <Character Name>. Head to Maishang Hills and get to work."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Recruiter Lysandra
"Hello, <Character name>. Have you come to join the Luxon army? With your skills in combat, we'd make quick work of those Kurzicks."
Ask Ask: "I thought you were supposed to be out enlisting 4 more recruits. <character name>. Head to Maishang Hills and get to work."
Luxon Monk Recruit
"My mother was killed in a Kurzick raid and I... think she would be proud to know I am helping to keep other familes safe. Yes! I shall enlist immediately!"
Luxon Monk Recruit: "I shall make those Kurzicks pay for what they did to my mother!"
Luxon Ritualist Recruit
"If the Luxon army needs recruits, I shall join. I am not one to shrink from duty."
Luxon Ritualist Recruit: "I thought to recieve training before jumping into battle, but no matter.... Death to the Kurzicks!"
Luxon Mesmer Recruit
"I consider it is an honor to fight for my people against the Kurzicks. Where do I sign up?"
Luxon Mesmer Recruit: "Oh, my... I thought I would get some training before jumping into combat...."
Luxon Necromancer Recruit
"Hmm... I bet I could find more corpses on the battlefront than I could around here... Yes, it's brilliant! Why did I not think of this before? I'll enlist."
Luxon Necromancer Recruit: "This was a fabulous idea! Kill them!"
Luxon Elementalist Recruit
"I have been considering joining the army for some time it will feel good to give something back to my people."
Luxon Elementalist Recruit: "Death to the Kurzicks!"
Luxon Assassin Recruit
"Okay, fine, I will join! maybe now my father will stop nagging me to get a job."
Luxon Assassin Recruit: "Well, I guess my tour of duty starts now...."
Luxon Ranger Recruit
"The Kurzicks hope to take gain control of our land, and take our precious jade, but we can't let that happen! I'll do my duty!"
Luxon Ranger Recruit: "Let's show those Kurzicks that we'll not tolerate their presence here!"
Luxon Warrior Recruit
"Battles? Blood? Glory? Sign me up!"
Luxon Warrior Recruit: "For Luxon glory!"
When the recruits arrive at Recruiter Lysandra
Luxon <profession> Recruit: "I am ready to serve my time with the Luxon army."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Recruiter Lysandra
"Good work, <Character name>! Some might have seen this as a trivial task, but with those foul Kurzicks attacking with more and more frequency, it's important that we keep our army's number up."


  • When you accept this quest, additional Kurzick enemies will popup at specific locations in the area. (Like other popups, these can also spawn additional chests.)
Anomaly Anomaly.All of the recruits are monks, regardless of their named profession.

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