Kurzick Priest

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Kurzick Priest
Kurzick priest.jpg
Affiliation Kurzicks
Type Human
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 20
Campaign Factions

Kurzick Priests are found at certain Resurrection Shrines.

  • If you have more unspent Kurzick faction points than Luxon, he will offer Blessing of the Kurzicks.
  • If you have more unspent Luxon faction points than Kurzick, he will give you the option to either fight him or bribe him. Bribing him costs 50 gold, which will activate the shrine and gain you +10 Kurzick faction points. Speaking to him again will then allow you to gain the Blessing of the Kurzicks. If you choose to fight him, he and all the other NPCs around the shrine will turn hostile and attack you.



14 Divine Favor, 15 Healing Prayers, 9 Protection Prayers


If you have more unspent Luxon faction than Kurzick faction points:

"This resurrection shrine is only for friends of the Kurzick. I wouldn't want to see its holiness tainted with your Luxon-loving souls."
Yes Let's talk this over.
"There's nothing to discuss. Barbarians do not deserve the attention of the gods."
Ask I've had enough! (Fight.) (Kurzick Priest and all other Kurzicks NPCs at that shrine become hostile.)
Ask I'll make it worth your while. (Bribe.)
"Now that you mention it, a 50 gold "donation" to the church would help elevate your standing in the eyes of the gods, and perhaps make you worthy to use this shrine... for a little while at least."
Yes Fifty gold for the shrine? I accept.
If you have 50 gold:
"This shrine will work for you now." (You receive 10 Kurzick faction points and the Kurzick Merchant and Priest provide their services.)
If you do not have 50 gold:
"I should have known better than to deal with a barbarian. You don't even have 50 gold!"
No Let's talk it over some more.
No So be it.
No I'll be on my way.

If you have more unspent Kurzick faction points than Luxon faction points or have bribed the Kurzick Priest:

"I am the caretaker of this shrine. What is your business here, my child?"
Yes I am interested in blessings.
"I have been known to perform the "Blessing of the Kurzicks," which will give you +25 maximum health. It will cost you 100 gold to receive this blessing."
Yes Thank you.
"I am sorry, but you do not have 100 gold." (If so.)
No No thank you.
No I'll be on my way.


Battle quotes[edit]

When talked to as allies:

"Bring your woes some other time, friend."
"Duty calls."
"Fight now. Talk later."
"Fight, damn it!"
"Help. A little help here."
"If you haven't noticed, I'm busy at the moment."
"Let's give 'em a whooping!"
"Not now!"
"Now is not the time for idle chatter."
"Spill the blood of our foes!"
"Stop wagging your tongue and start whooping some butt!"
"Tell me later. For now I have enemies to slaughter."
"The time for jabbering over a pint will come later."
"To arms! To arms!"
"We will reminisce after this battle is won."
"Your words fall on deaf ears. For now I fight."

Blessings offered[edit]

Blessing Effect Cost
Blessing of the Kurzicks Blessing of the Kurzicks You have +25 maximum Health and +3 Health regeneration. You gain Kurzick faction for hunting in this area. Boss creatures provide bonus faction. 100 Gold


  • They tend to follow allies if any of them need to be healed, especially minions since they have constant health degeneration. You can have all the priests of one area following you if you have a minion master in your party.
Anomaly Anomaly.Similar to Luxon Priest, if you have more unspent Luxon faction points than Kurzick faction points:
  • Kurzick Priest and his accompanying shrine NPCs (i.e. Kurzick Merchant and Guards) will not attack the foes of your party and those foes will not attack the shrine NPCs.
  • Kurzick Priest will heal allies (e.g. your party members) and foes. He will prioritize healing an ally over a foe when both an ally and foe require healing.
  • All of this occurs whether or not you bribe that Kurzick Priest.