Boss Bounty

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Blessing. For 5...10 minutes, you earn +200...300 reputation for each boss you kill.

Concise description

Blessing. (5...10 minutes.) You earn +200...300 reputation points for each boss you kill.

5 minutes
+200 Points
10 minutes
+300 Points

This is available for each of the group that has a title track in Eye of the North while affected by a blessing:

Boss Bounty is a Blessing that has a chance to be granted after every 25 kills. Like other Eye of the North reputation blessings, it is granted randomly; there is a chance to get it even when there are no bosses left in an area.


  • The Character in the Dwarven Boss Hunt Icon seems to be Dagnar Stonepate on his Ice Drake.
  • The Character in the Norn Boss Hunt Icon seems to be Svanir, the Nornbear.