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Formatting guideline

This page is an accepted formatting guideline on the Guild Wars Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all contributors should follow. Before editing this page, it is suggested to gather consensus on the talk page first.


This article provides information on starting, expanding on and completing articles about Skills in Guild Wars.

Syntax and example[edit]

{{pvpversion|PvE skillname}}<!--If the skill is a PvP version. Omit otherwise.-->
{{pveversion|PvP skillname}}<!--If the skill has a PvP version. Omit otherwise. Omit PvP skillname if it is Pve skillname + (PvP)-->
{{Skill infobox
| id = Skill number
| name = Skill name
| campaign = Campaign name
| profession = Profession
| attribute = Full attribute name
| type = Type of the skill
| special = Monster    <!-- remove this line if it isn't a monster skill -->
| elite = y
| energy = 0
| activation = {{1/4}}
| recharge = 2
| adrenaline = 4
| exhaustion = y
| sacrifice = 5%
| description = The in-game skill description will go here. It will use {{gr|0|15}} to show variables. Do not bold the name of the skill.
| concise description = Same as above, but for the concise style.

{{Skill progression
| attribute = [[Full attribute name]]
| var1 name = [[Damage|+ Damage]]
| var1 at0 = 5
| var1 at15 = 20
| var2 name = [[Burning]] [[duration]]
| var2 at0 = 1
| var2 at15 = 7

<!-- include how this skill can be acquired in PvE - omit sections not required -->
;[[Skill quest]]s
**[[Quest name]] ([[Location of quest giver]])

;[[Skill trainer]]s

;[[Hero skill trainer]]

;[[Profession changer]]

;[[Signet of Capture]]
**[[Boss name]] ([[Boss location]])
**[[Boss name]] ([[Boss location]])
**[[Other boss name]] ([[Other boss location]])

==Related skills==
<!-- other skills which are have similar function to this skill -->
*{{skill icon|Skill name}}

<!-- any special usage notes for this skill - omit if nothing to add -->
<!-- Apply [[Template:AI behavior]] for observations of NPC usage. -->

<!-- trivia about this skill - omit if nothing to add -->

Basic outline[edit]

Article header[edit]

Add {{skill-stub}} to the top of any incomplete skill article. If the description, progression and acquisition sections have been completed it may be omitted.

Skill infobox template[edit]

Use {{Skill infobox}} to create the info box. Use the template for a detailed description. Example usage:

{{Skill infobox
| id = 1198
| name = Broad Head Arrow
| campaign = Factions
| profession = Ranger
| attribute = Marksmanship
| type = Bow Attack
| elite = y
| energy = 15
| recharge = 15
| description = [[Elite]] [[Bow Attack]]. You shoot a broad head arrow that moves slower than normal. If it hits, [[target]] [[foe]] is [[Dazed]] for {{gr|5|20}} seconds, and if target foe is casting a [[spell]] that spell is [[interrupt]]ed.
| concise description = Elite Bow Attack. Slow moving arrow. Interrupts a spell. Inflicts Dazed condition ({{gr|5|20}} seconds).
the number of the skill.
the name of the skill.
the campaign of the skill. Optional, default is "Core".
the profession which uses the skill. Optional, omit if there is no profession.
the attribute to which the skill belongs. Optional, omit if there is no attribute.
the type as taken from the skill description. Mandatory.
energy, recharge, activation, sacrifice, adrenaline, exhaustion
use as appropriate for the skill.
indicate whether this skill is an elite.
Include the skill description transcribed from in-game immediately after the info box. Wiki link the first instance of each interesting term in the description, not the concise description, and use the {{gr}} template to include variables. Do not bold the name of the skill. Example usage:
[[Skill]]. If it hits, [[target]] [[foe]] is [[Dazed]] for {{gr|5|20}} seconds
param 1; the variable at attribute point distribution 0
param 2; the variable at attribute point distribution 15

Skill progression[edit]

Include the {{skill progression}} template if there are any variables in the skill description. Refer to the template for a full description. Example usage;

{{Skill progression
|attribute = [[Marksmanship]]
|var1 name = [[Dazed]] [[duration]]
|var1 at0 = 5
|var1 at15 = 20}}
the attribute of the skill
var# name
the name of the variable
var# at0
the value of the variable with no points in the attribute
var# at15
the value of the variable with 15 points in the attribute


Include the methods through which the player can acquire this skill in PvE. When recording skill trainers, only include those who can teach the skill before it is unlocked on the account. For non-elite skills, include Signet of Capture only if it allows the player to acquire the skill before it is available to purchase from a skill trainer. For elite skills, include all bosses where the elite can be captured.

Always include the method (Signet of Capture, skill trainer, etc) even if there is only one method of acquiring the skill.

The campaign may be omitted if the skill can only be found in one campaign.

Do not include Skill Tomes, as regular Skill Tomes can be used to learn any unlocked non-elite skill of the appropriate profession, and Elite Skill Tomes can be used to learn any unlocked elite skill of the appropriate profession.

The separate methods should be sorted in the way presented in the syntax above.

The below sections are optional, if you do not have any content to add to them, omit them entirely.

Related skills[edit]

List related skills here in alphabetical order and following below rules. Be sure to update linked skills likewise.

  • Related skills may be included under following rules:
    • Player skills in monster skill pages
    • Obvious alternative or duplicate skills
    • Skills that are functionally similar, such as single target snares, AoE DoT spells, etc.
    • Skills that could be used to replace the skill either within a build, or within the greater context of a team build, for example the relationship between Shatter Enchantment and Pain of Disenchantment.
    • Skills with similar functionalities and one common similarity (like stance removal + being an attack: Wild Blow and Wild Strike are linked together but Mark of Insecurity is not).
  • Related skills may not be included under following rules:
    • No monster skills in player skill pages
    • Skills that are only linked with common categories
    • Skills with only common similarities (for example Signet of Judgment and Shield of Judgment offer knock down from the Smiting Prayers attribute line but have completely different mechanisms)
    • Skills that synergize with the current skill (put them in Notes section)
    • Skills making the current skill obsolete or less wanted (put them eventually in Notes section)
    • Skills that have similar names (like Ray of Judgment and Shield of Judgment)
    • Skills that are related by lore alone (these should be placed in the Trivia section instead, with an explanation)


  • Any special notes about using the skill, such as synergy and notable game mechanics.


  • Trivia about the skill. Skills that are related to each other by lore can also be mentioned in this section, such as the relationship between Teinai's Crystals and Teinai's Prison both being named after the same person. Skill functionality changes are also linked in this section.

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