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Disambig icon.png This article is about consumable scrolls. For a list of focus items including equippable scrolls, see focus item.
Scroll of Berserker's Insight.png

A scroll is a type of single-use consumable that can be bought or sold at regular and rare scroll traders. There are three types:

Experience scrolls[edit]

Experience scrolls are items which increase the experience the party gains from kills. The effect remains active until the duration expires, a new scroll is activated, or the party changes zones. Scrolls stack multiplicatively with Nightfall bounties and the hard mode experience bonus; however, the experience multiplier is capped at 350%.

Common XP scrolls[edit]

Scroll of Hunter's Insight.png

These scrolls are available as loot from bosses and (in the later parts of each campaign) from merchants.

Rare XP scrolls[edit]

Scroll of Slayer's Insight.png

These scrolls are available as loot from bosses, from certain collectors, and from rare scroll traders.

This type of scroll can be obtained from a Coffer of Whispers or from rare scroll traders:

Passage scrolls[edit]

Passage Scroll.png

A passage scroll instantly transports your entire party from a particular outpost to an elite destination, both named on the scroll.

These scrolls are available from Pokhe, rare scroll traders, from boss loot, or from their respective explorable areas (from the area's reward chest or as loot from any foe in the area):

These scrolls are available from Tesla, rare scroll traders, or respectively from Kurzick Bureaucrat and Luxon Scavenger.


  • These scrolls cannot be used in PvP; when you attempt to use them, you receive the message "This item cannot be used in competitive missions".
  • The Scroll of Resurrection is not technically a scroll: it cannot be purchased from a rare scroll trader, has no value, and never drops as loot.


  • Between the 3 March 2011 and 28 April 2011 updates, Passage Scrolls could not be used from Embark Beach (although their description text indicated that the scrolls could be used there).