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A drop or loot is anything that falls from a creature that dies in PvE, from a chest, or from a present.

Non-boss foes usually drop a single item or pile of gold, while bosses can drop up to four items and a pile of gold. In addition, seasonal items can also drop from foes (including charmable animals and practice targets) during special events (e.g. a non-boss foe can drop a single item and a seasonal item at the same time). Items dropped by foes are assigned to a single ally and gold coin drops are unassigned.

Items that drop from unlocking a chest are assigned to the party member that opened it. Those chests that do not require a key (e.g. Wreckage or those that spawn after completing quests in the Fissure of Woe or the Underworld) will randomly assign their drops; this does not include dungeon chests, hidden treasures, and treasures. Presents drop items that spawn directly into a character's inventory (excluding Lunar Fortunes, which drops the item on the ground).


  • Drops assigned to heroes, henchmen, and other NPCs are invisible.
  • Gold is not distributed until a character picks it up, after which it is evenly divided among party members (the amount assigned to heroes and henchmen is removed from the game).
  • Unclaimed drops become unassigned after ten minutes or if the assigned character leaves the area; unassigned drops can be picked up by anyone.
  • Foes that have been resurrected (such as Roaring Ethers) do not drop items nor gold when killed.
  • When active, Favor of the Gods increases the drop rate of rare items.
  • Some players believe that the drop rate is lower if an entire mob of enemies is killed at the same time, but there is little published evidence to support this (see Anti-farm code for details and other theories).
  • When not in a guild hall, outpost, town or PvP instance, players can drop any item (with some exceptions) from their character's inventory onto the ground.
  • Items are dropped on the ground in a town when a character does not have enough inventory space for items that spawn directly into their inventory during special event finales and Shing Jea Boardwalk games. These drops are also assigned to the character.
  • Occasionally an NPC foe will be seen carrying an item not standard for them and when killed they have a chance to drop that item. Observed easily with non-human foes like dryders who can be seen carrying focus items on one of their legs which is non-standard.
Anomaly Anomaly.Occasionally players may observe a drop animation for a drop assigned to heroes, henchmen, or other NPCs. These drops do not appear as a bundle on the map and cannot be picked up nor highlighted.
Bug Bug.On very rare occasions, one character will get two drops from a chest while another in the party will get none. Most often seen with stackable items, like tomes.

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