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Charmable animals are a type of creature that can become an animal companion by targeting them with Charm Animal. Nearly all charmable animals are hostile, but remain passive until they take damage or life steal, are targeted by a skill that can target a foe, or an attempt to charm them occurs. They should not be confused with beasts, animal-like creatures that cannot be charmed.

By campaign and region[edit]

Campaign Region Name Notes
Core The Battle Isles

Default for PvP-only characters. Same model as Snow Wolf.

The Mists




Prophecies Ascalon (pre-Searing)

Same model as Moa Bird.
Same model as Snow Wolf.


Same model as Strider.

Shiverpeak Mountains
  • Black Bear
  • Snow Wolf

Same model as Wolf.



Maguuma Jungle


Crystal Desert


Factions Shing Jea Island


Kaineng City


The Jade Sea


Echovald Forest


Nightfall Istan


Kourna and Vabbi


The Desolation


Eye of the North Far Shiverpeaks

Wintersday related.
Wintersday related.

Depths of Tyria


Charr Homelands


Tarnished Coast
  • Albino Rat
  • Iguana
  • Moa Bird
  • White Crab


By Zaishen Menagerie location[edit]

Locations of all the animals in the Menagerie.
Western beach PhoenixRainbow PhoenixReef LurkerWhite Crab
Farm Moa BirdWarthog
Central river CraneCrocodileFlamingoLurkerMoss SpiderPanda
Western plains TigerWhite Tiger
Northern rocks Jahai RatLynxRaven
Northern dunes Dune LizardHyenaIguanaLionLioness
Central hills Black BearMelandru's StalkerMountain EagleRacing Beetle
Northeast caves Black MoaBlack WolfHound of BalthazarWolf
Southeast caves Albino RatBlack Widow
Eastern snowy area Jingle BearPolar BearWhite Jingle MoaWhite MoaWhite Wolf
Training yard If unlocked, Wynn can spawn level 12, 15, or 20 animals in the pen.

By damage type[edit]

Slashing Piercing Fire Notes

  1. These pets deal piercing damage when unevolved.
  2. The warthog deals blunt damage when unevolved.
  3. These pets deal slashing damage when unevolved.
  4. These pets deal slashing damage when evolved to Dire.


Bug Bug.On rare occasions, a charmable animal displays the name of a foe within the same zone or a foe might show the pet's name and level. This does not affect gameplay.