Melandru's Stalker

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Melandru's Stalker
Melandru's Stalker.jpg
Affiliation Presearing wildlife
Type Charmable animal
Level(s) 5
Campaign Prophecies
Melandru's Stalker in Regent Valley (pre-Searing).jpg
Location in pre-Searing Ascalon
Melandru's Stalker location in Old Ascalon.jpg
Locations in Old Ascalon

Melandru's Stalkers are charmable animals that can be found in both pre-Searing and post-Searing Ascalon. Many of them can be found roaming around a shrine of Melandru in Regent Valley prior to the Searing, though after the Searing, they seem to be slowly dying out and they are much harder to find, but there is usually one past the Statue of Balthazar and Master Ranger Nente.

Charming a Stalker is the objective for the following quests: The Ranger's Companion and Endangered Species. If you have another pet (a Wolf for example) you will need to visit a Pet Tamer and bid him farewell, as these quests can only be completed if you have a Stalker as your companion. Of course, you can always opt to keep whatever pet you have and not complete the quest, or finish the quest and find another Wolf for a pet again. If your pet has acquired enough levels, dropping it off at the menagerie is also a viable option.