White Moa

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White Moa
White Moa.jpg
Affiliation Far Shiverpeaks wildlife
Type Charmable animal
Level(s) 5
Campaign Eye of the North
White Moa location in Drakkar Lake.jpg
Location in Drakkar Lake
White Moa location in Varajar Fells.jpg
Location in Varajar Fells

The White Moa is a charmable animal that can sometimes be found in the Far Shiverpeaks. It has similarities to the Moa Bird and Black Moa, but seems to be much less hostile — it runs away when being charmed, whereas most pets turn hostile.



  • The White Moa flock spawns very infrequently, so players may have to re-zone several times before finding them.
  • Unlike most pets, a White Moa appears as an ally (light green label color) instead of a normal NPC; it does not turn hostile upon activation of Charm Animal.
    • Charming will always succeed, as long as the bird was within range when starting; there is no need to chase the animal.
  • Cannot be death leveled in the wild through traditional ways, since they are found as allies and will run once approached.
  • Hearty, Playful, Elder, Aggressive, and unevolved White Moas deal piercing damage, while Dire White Moas deal slashing damage.
  • Unlocking cost: 1Gold Zaishen Coin plus 100Gold or 10,000 Balthazar Faction (Prestige, Tyria)
Anomaly Anomaly.White Moa seems to use the same calls as a Flamingo, rather than that of a regular Moa Bird.