Black Moa

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Black Moa
Black Moa.jpg
Affiliation Echovald Forest wildlife
Type Charmable animal
Level(s) 5, 20
Campaign Factions
Black Moa Map.jpg
Location of the Black Moa
Disambig icon.png This article is about the charmable animal. For the collector during Farewell to Gaile, see Black Moa (collector).

The Black Moa is a fearsome subspecies of Moa Bird and its only carnivore. It appears in the Echovald Forest, assaulting many of the locals and evading hunters such as Zho and Nehdukah. It is feared, respected, and legendary among the Kurzicks, who once thought it merely a mythical beast. The tales of vicious Black Moa attacks are told to scare Canthan children to make sure they behave.



Quests involved in:


Anomaly Anomaly. The Black Moa will appear if at least one party member meets the requirements.
Bug Bug. The Black Moa's name will not change if you attempt to change it while you are still in Ferndale after charming it. It will also not automatically use the name you gave your previous pet (i.e. if you had released a named pet before charming the Black Moa). The next time you appear in an instance with the Black Moa, its name will change to the most recent name you gave it or your previous pet, and its name can now be changed.


  • There is no Black Moa miniature, but there is a Black Moa Chick.
  • In the Zaishen Menagerie, the Black Moa chicks use the skin from the Black Moa Chick miniature, unlike all other animals whose chicks use scaled down versions of the adult.
  • Prior to the introduction of the Menagerie, this animal could only be found in the wild and at level 20.
  • Moa is the name of a flightless bird in New Zealand that was hunted to extinction by the local Maori. The Guild Wars version resembles the Phorusrhacid, a predatory, flightless bird that once inhabited parts of South America during the Cenozoic Era.