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Affiliation Vabbi wildlife
Type Charmable animal
Level(s) 5, 12
Campaign Nightfall
Lion and Lioness in Vehjin Mines.jpg
From Basalt Grotto in Vehjin Mines
Lion and Lioness in Jahai Bluffs.jpg
In Jahai Bluffs, prior to The Great Zehtuka

:Disambig icon.png This article is about the charmable animal. For the collector during Farewell to Gaile, see Lion (collector).
Lions are charmable animals found in several places on mainland Elona.



Anomaly Anomaly.There is a group of aggressive, but charmable, level 12 lions and lionesses northwest of the Command Post portal in Jahai Bluffs. This group is only available before you complete the quest the Great Zehtuka.

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  • In Guild Wars, several lions and lionesses can be found together in a group; however, a pride of real-world lions will only contain one or two males. Young male lions are ejected from the pride around the age of three, to live as nomads until they can form or overtake another pride.