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Zaishen Menagerie Grounds

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:Disambig icon.png This article is about the explorable area. For the outpost that gives access to this area, see Zaishen Menagerie (outpost).

Zaishen Menagerie Grounds
Screenshot-menagerie1 full.jpg
Campaign Core
Region The Battle Isles
Type Explorable area
Exit(s) Zaishen Menagerie
ZaishenMenagerie Map.jpg
Explored map of menagerie grounds
The Battle Isles interactive map.jpg
Location of menagerie on northernmost explorable island

In a beautiful, lush new explorable area in the Battle Isles, the Zaishen Order runs a tight business breeding and training all the common and prestige pets from around the world for their clientele. There are a few ways you can start your own collection in the Menagerie. Bring any pet with you or your Heroes to the Tamer in the Menagerie Grounds. The Tamer will check your pet's evolution and unlock that tier and any lower tiers. Adding charmed pets to the Menagerie is absolutely free. You can also use Balthazar Faction or pay with Zaishen Coins and gold to have the Zaishen Order unlock and train evolutions of pets for you. This way, you've got several choices for unlocking all your pets.

4th anniversary content update

The Zaishen Menagerie Grounds is an explorable area where the Zaishen Order takes care of the charmable animals you have unlocked on your account. Charmable animals can be brought in from the wild, or purchased here and trained for you by the Order.

There are various climates in this one area that create the appropriate habitats for the charmable animals.

Getting there[edit]

Go to the Zaishen Menagerie and talk to Gate Guard Hirvela for access. You must have already unlocked the Great Temple of Balthazar.


The Zaishen Menagerie is account based, which means that any charmable animal you unlock will be available to all characters on that account, both PvE and PvP. You cannot, however, bring other players into your own menagerie, it is only for yourself and your heroes.

If you speak to Emryd the Tamer with an animal companion (pet) in your party, she will unlock yours or your hero's current pet at its current level and evolution tier and all lower tiers for that charmable animal. Similar to other pet tamers, she is able to take the current pet and release it, allowing you or your hero to charm another animal as a pet. Provided you have a Moss Spider Egg, Emryd can take it and unlock the Moss Spider.

Helena (Zaishen Keeper) will unlock the next tier of any charmable animal that is already unlocked, or unlock the lowest tier of any locked charmable animal from any campaign you own, at a cost of either a combination of Zaishen Coins and gold, or Balthazar faction.


Wynn (Zaishen Training Captain) will spawn 4 identical charmable animals of any unlocked charmable animal/tier higher than 1 on your account, letting you charm one.

You can search the grounds and find an unlocked charmable animal at tier 1 and charm it.



Humans (Zaishen Order)

Charmable animals[edit]

Locations of all the charmable animals in the Menagerie.

There are 7 tiers, with a level 20 evolved (non-elder) charmable animal being the highest tier.

All charmable animals roaming the grounds have a base level of 5, and as soon as tier 1 of a new charmable animal is unlocked the charmable animal will appear in the grounds. Many charmable animals will also be accompanied by baby versions, which cannot be targeted nor charmed. Wynn will spawn four of any higher tier you have unlocked on demand in her training yard, and this service is free.

Charmable animals with the same skin but different names, such as Moa Birds and Striders, do not count as separate charmable animals. Charmable animals with different skins but identical names; however, do count as different charmable animals. One example would be the red and blue Reef Lurkers.

The charmable animals roaming the grounds are passive and, like regular charmable animals, will become hostile (have their names turn red) when you try to charm them or attack them; however, they will not attack you. The charmable animals spawned by Wynn, on the other hand, will act like wild charmable animals and attack as soon as you interact with them. The roaming charmable animals still gain experience from player character deaths and can be death leveled all the way to level 20. This will usually result in a Hearty pet, allowing you to unlock the highest tier for that charmable animal.


Each charmable animal will only be present once tier 1 for that charmable animal is unlocked.

Western beach PhoenixRainbow PhoenixReef LurkerWhite Crab
Farm Moa BirdWarthog
Central river CraneCrocodileFlamingoLurkerMoss SpiderPanda
Western plains TigerWhite Tiger
Northern rocks Jahai RatLynxRaven
Northern dunes Dune LizardHyenaIguanaLionLioness
Central hills Black BearMelandru's StalkerMountain EagleRacing Beetle
Northeast caves Black MoaBlack WolfHound of BalthazarWolf
Southeast caves Albino RatBlack Widow
Eastern snowy area Jingle BearPolar BearWhite Jingle MoaWhite MoaWhite Wolf
Training yard If unlocked, Wynn can spawn level 12, 15, or 20 animals in the pen.

Training yard[edit]

Pet tiers[edit]

Tier Minimum level Evolution requirement Unlocked pets
1 n/a n/a Level 5 unevolved
2 12 n/a Level 12 unevolved
3 12 evolved1 Level 12 evolved
4 15 n/a Level 15 Elder2
5 15 evolved Level 15 evolved
6 20 n/a Level 20 Elder
7 20 evolved Level 20 evolved
1 Aggressive and Playful (levels 12 to 14) or Aggressive, Dire, Hearty and Playful (levels 15 to 20).
2 Same stats as unevolved.

Unlocking costs[edit]

Tier unlock Coins1 Balthazar faction1   Animal unlock Coins1 Balthazar faction1
1 → 2 1 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,000 Each common animal 1 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,000
2 → 3 1 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,000 White Moa2, Racing Beetle4 1 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 10,000
3 → 4 2 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,500 Jingle Bear2, White Jingle Moa4 2 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 20,000
4 → 5 2 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 1,500 Black Moa3, Phoenix3 3 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 30,000
5 → 6 3 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 2,000 Black Widow4, Moss Spider4 5 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 50,000
6 → 7 3 Silver Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 2,000 Rainbow Phoenix2, Panda4 15 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 80,000
- - - Hound of Balthazar4 20 Gold Zaishen Coin, 100 Gold 100,000
1Pay either with coins or with Balthazar faction       2Prestige Tyrian Animal   3Prestige Canthan Animal   4Prestige Exotic Animal


  • The offspring of Black Moas use the exact model and size of a Black Moa Chick miniature.
  • If bringing heroes, the Rainbow Phoenix cannot be found, even when registered, this is most likely to remove the possibility for heroes to charm a Rainbow Phoenix.
  • There is no resurrection shrine in this area. As such, if you die from any reason (death from Wynn's summoned charmable animals, Vampiric weapon, health sacrifice etc.) and your party has no remaining resurrection skills, you will receive a message that your party has been defeated, and an option to return to the outpost.
  • Charmable animals created by Wynn in the training yards will automatically teleport back to the pen if they move too far.
  • All charmable animals of the same species are members of the same party and will thus share experience for the purposes of death leveling.
  • If level 20 is obtained without a Hearty or Dire evolution, a pet can be turned in to Emryd the Tamer and a level 15 Hearty or Dire charmable animal of that type can be acquired from Wynn, raised to level 20, thus unlocking tier 7.
  • After unlocking an animal via Helena, the animal will spawn immediately (without having to rezone).
    • Hokusai will also spawn immediately upon unlocking the Racing Beetle via Helena.
  • The Moss Spider will not spawn immediately upon turning in your egg to Emryd the Tamer. You will have to rezone.


  • Introduced in the April 23, 2009 update.
  • After a Lion and Lioness have been added, only one Lion with several Lionesses will show up, along with some cubs. This is very much like the natural composition of a pride.
  • There are ambient animals in the grounds that are not charmable and are not considered creatures.
    • Gulls over the ocean.
    • Schools of small fish and a solitary large fish in the sea.
    • Turtles near the windmill and the marsh.
    • Flies over the trough.
    • Butterflies in the grass.
    • A cat on the farm crates.
    • A hawk that flies over Wynn's training yard.
    • Two frogs on a rock near the waterfall.
    • Small crabs on the beach.
    • A pair of dolyaks in the mountains.
    • A bunch of spiders in the marsh.
    • Water Buffalo around the farm.
    • A Dolyak in the snowy mountains.
Anomaly Anomaly.On the grounds, when level 5 charmable animals are attacked, they become hostile. However, (1) they do not attack the party and (2) sometimes, the other members of their species also turn hostile.

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