Kun Shao

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Kun Shao
Zaishen priest.jpg
Affiliation Xunlai
Type Human
Level(s) 1
24 (pre Feb 19 update)
Campaign Core
Kun Shao in his new career after closing Xunlai Tournament House.

Kun Shao the Zaishen Stable Boy is a former Xunlai tournament agent who used to appear in the port towns within a month of the end of a guild championship and during the time of the Xunlai Tournament House. He used to provide the service of handing out rewards to accounts whose players managed to get enough points in the Xunlai Tournament House, but has been moved to the Zaishen Menagerie with the Xunlai Tournament House's closing, where he is a stable boy.



"Yes, it is I, Kun Shao. Have you come to mock me? Have you come to watch me shovel lynx dung? I was once a powerful, respected official! Now look at me: Kun Shao the stable boy! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get the stench of moa bird out of your armor? Leave me. Leave me with my filthy beasts!"
Before the February 19, 2010 update
"Greetings from the Xunlai Tournament House. If you have not made your predictions for the latest monthly tournaments or you are new to the Xunlai Tournament House, just go to the Xunlai Tournament page and sign up today. It is easy, fun, and anyone can play."
Ask Xunlai Tournament House

Just after monthly update before points are ready:

"Greetings from the Xunlai Tournament House. I am busy at the moment, please speak to me again in a few minutes, say 15...1 or so?"

When getting points:

"Congratulations. I have <number> Tournament Reward points for you. Thank you for playing."