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The term port is generally used to refer to intercontinental ports; towns or outposts which allow travel between campaigns. When characters travel between different campaigns, they will always arrive at the appropriate port. In other words, when your character travels to another continent (i.e. campaign), your character will arrive at the port of the target campaign. There is currently only one intercontinental port per campaign.

Ports are amongst the most populated districts in the game; they serve as centralized hubs of trade, events, social interaction and party formations.

Intercontinental ports[edit]

Unlocking intercontinental travel[edit]

Unlocking travel to a given campaign requires the completion of one of the appropriate intercontinental travel quests, obtained from NPCs in the appropriate port. Travel quests from Tyria and Cantha become available immediately upon reaching the appropriate port, while travel quests from Elona are not available until after completing The Time is Nigh, a primary quest. Once a port town is unlocked, all the other possible quests to gain access to it will become unavailable. For more information, see campaign travel.

Local ports[edit]

Additionally, there are several ports which allow travel between areas or regions on the same continent by talking to the appropriate NPC.

The Battle Isles
Isle of the Nameless
Canthan Ferry Captain
Random Arenas (outpost)
Perdition Rock
Captain Grumby
Ring of Fire (outpost)
Seitung Harbor
First Mate Xiang
Kaineng Docks
First Mate Xiang
Dockmaster Ahlaro
Dajkah Inlet
Dockmaster Dimedeh

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