First Mate Xiang

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First Mate Xiang
Canthan noble m blue.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Service Travel NPC
Level(s) 10 (20)
Campaign Factions
First Mate Xiang map.jpg
Location in Kaineng Docks

First Mate Xiang will take Factions characters to Kaineng Docks from Seitung Harbor if they have completed Zen Daijun. From Kaineng Docks he will take non Factions characters to Seitung Harbor.



Quests given:


Seitung Harbor, before Zen Daijun
"Our ship usually sails regularly between here and Kaineng Center, but with all the trouble in Zen Daijun, Togo has asked that we remain here and be prepared in case a sudden island evacuation is necessary. Of course, I am not saying that will happen. I am not the sort to spread rumors and cause a panic, especially when I have orders to the contrary. I mean, I am sure you have already considered the possibility that the plague will overrun the entire island and you will be forced to flee, yes? The point is, you really should be careful what you say. If I were you, I would not mention the plague to anyone else. They might not know how to take it and you might cause a panic. And then you would be in a lot of trouble. Yes, you would."
Seitung Harbor, default
"Greetings. This ship will take you from Shing Jea Island to the glorious capital of Cantha, Kaineng City. Would you like to book passage?"
I would like to book passage to Kaineng City.
"This will take you and your party to Kaineng City. Are you sure you wish to continue?"
Yes I am sure. (sent to Kaineng Docks)
No Not yet.
Kaineng Docks, foreigners
"Hello. This ship is headed to Seitung Harbor, the largest port on Shing Jea Island, where you will find the famed Shing Jea Monastery. The island is beautiful, but it is a place of serious study for native Canthans. There is not much to do in Shing Jea for visiting foreigners. Even so, if you want to go, we will be more than happy to take you."
I would like to book passage to Shing Jea Island.
This will take you and your party to Seitung Harbor. Are you sure you wish to continue?
Yes I am sure. (sent to Seitung Harbor)
No Not yet.