Central Transfer Chamber

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Central Transfer Chamber
Central Transfer Chamber.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Depths of Tyria
Type Outpost
Party size 8
Exit(s) Battledepths

Polestar to the vast wheel of Asura Gates, the Central Transfer Chamber is a magical and architectural marvel constructed atop a major pocket of magical energy. The Asura channel that raw power to fuel all the gates in the network and link them together via this great crossroads of transport. Most of the major gates across Tyria lead to this location.

— in-game description

The Central Transfer Chamber is the central hub of the Asura Gate system, though it is primarily populated by Dwarves when characters arrive.

Getting there[edit]

Characters will find themselves here after completing the Destruction's Depths mission.

You can reach this outpost without finishing the main storyline by tagging along with a party doing Destruction's Depths; however, you will not receive credit towards your Hero's Handbook or for Master of the North.

Quests available[edit]






(all level 20)

Merchants and traders[edit]

Other services[edit]

The two above NPCs are connected to the challenge mission, Glint's Challenge.

Other allies[edit]


Bug Bug.Each time you complete Destruction's Depths, you will receive a "Quest Added" message for A Time for Heroes, whether you had the quest in your log or not. This bug continues until your character completes A Time for Heroes.