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A hero armorer is a NPC who will upgrade the armor of your heroes. The upgrade allows heroes to be displayed at the "Fellowship" monument in the Hall of Monuments. These NPCs have the words "[Hero Armor]" in their name. Once a hero has been given a new armor set, it can be freely switched with the default armor and back. Note that switching a hero's armor will not cause any runes or insignias to disappear.

Hero armorers require a trophy to craft hero armor, and each armorer requires a different trophy (see below); however, various heroes may be ineligible for an armor upgrade from some armorers, for more information see hero armor.

List of hero armorers[edit]

Hero armorer Location Required item
Bahldasareh Dajkah Inlet (outpost) Stolen Sunspear Armor
Johe Remains of Sahlahja (outpost) Ancient Armor Remnants
Mureh The Shadow Nexus (outpost) Mysterious Armor Pieces
Armorsmith of Whispers Gate of Anguish Primeval Armor Remnants
Gunnar Poundfist Gunnar's Hold Deldrimor Armor Remnant
Master Armorer Kor Central Transfer Chamber Cloth of the Brotherhood

Heroes (edit)
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