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Hero Recruitment Level
(in PvE)
(requiring the hero)
Faction Default skills
Necromancer Olias All for One and One for Justice
(optional; requires Prophecies and Nightfall)
15 Unknown 3000
Animate Bone Minions.jpg
Animate Bone Minions
Death Nova.jpg
Death Nova
Shadow Strike.jpg
Shadow Strike
Strip Enchantment.jpg
Strip Enchantment
Vampiric Gaze.jpg
Vampiric Gaze
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet
Assassin Zenmai Chasing Zenmai
(optional; requires Factions and Nightfall)
15 Unknown 3000
Death Blossom.jpg
Death Blossom
Jungle Strike.jpg
Jungle Strike
Shadow Refuge.jpg
Shadow Refuge
Unsuspecting Strike.jpg
Unsuspecting Strike
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet
Dervish M.O.X. Level 10
(optional; requires all campaigns)
20 Unknown N/A
Mystic Sweep.jpg
Mystic Sweep
Victorious Sweep.jpg
Victorious Sweep
Chilling Victory.jpg
Chilling Victory
Heart of Holy Flame.jpg
Heart of Holy Flame
Faithful Intervention.jpg
Faithful Intervention
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet
Paragon Keiran Thackeray The Wedding
(optional; requires Hearts of the North)
20 Unknown 7777
Song of Restoration.jpg
Song of Restoration
Ballad of Restoration.jpg
Ballad of Restoration
Signet of Synergy.jpg
Signet of Synergy
Barbed Spear.jpg
Barbed Spear
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet
Assassin Miku The Final Confrontation
(optional; requires Winds of Change)
20 Unknown N/A
Wastrel's Collapse.jpg
Wastrel's Collapse
Jagged Strike.jpg
Jagged Strike
Golden Fang Strike.jpg
Golden Fang Strike
Critical Strike.jpg
Critical Strike
Malicious Strike.jpg
Malicious Strike
Shadow Refuge.jpg
Shadow Refuge
Way of Perfection.jpg
Way of Perfection
Ritualist Zei Ri The Final Confrontation (Hard mode)
(optional; requires Winds of Change)
20 Unknown N/A
Caretaker's Charge.jpg
Caretaker's Charge
Weapon of Warding.jpg
Weapon of Warding
Resilient Weapon.jpg
Resilient Weapon
Spirit Siphon.jpg
Spirit Siphon
Unknown Mercenary Heroes Mercenary Registrar
(optional; requires purchase in Guild Wars In-Game Store)
20 Unknown N/A

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