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Like skill points, hero skill points allow the player to purchase skills. Hero skill points can be redeemed by a hero skill trainer much in the same fashion as skill trainers; however, hero skill trainers allow you to purchase skills from potentially any profession and without any gold or skill point cost.

Once a skill is purchased that way, it becomes unlocked for the account and learned by that character.

Hero skill points are the only way to purchase and unlock profession-specific PvE Sunspear skills.


Each character can earn up to 33 hero skill points in Nightfall and 40 in Eye of the North; these can be used in either campaign.

  • Two points for each Sunspear rank (the first two ranks earn one point each).
  • Two points for each Lightbringer rank (the first rank earns only one point).
Eye of the North
Nightfall and Eye of the North

You can also buy a hero skill point from any hero skill trainer for 1Platinum and 1 (character) skill point.

  • Trainers only offer this option if a character has no remaining hero skill points.
  • Since this is either identical to or more expensive than buying the same skill from a skill trainer, the only reason for using this option is to learn Sunspear PvE skills early in the game.


  • The only way to see how many hero skill points you have is to visit a hero skill trainer.
  • There is no limit to the number of points that can be purchased.

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