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Melonni Sunspear armor.jpg
Affiliations Order of the Sunspears


Type Human
Profession Dervish Dervish
Service Hero
Level(s) 8...20
Campaign Nightfall

Headstrong Crusader
"You can push, but I will push back...only harder, much harder."
Origin: Kournan
Age: 26
Profession: Dervish
Melonni's a headstrong young woman from a small town in Kourna, an idealist who's become a thorn in Varesh Ossa's side. The villagers of her homeland will never forget her, and with good reason. Melonni antagonized Varesh so much that the entire region is now under the watchful eye of Kourna's militarized government. As for Melonni, she has no regrets, because she always does what she knows is right. She sees herself as a woman who fights for what she believes in...even when no one else around her agrees.

When she left in search of adventure—or more precisely, left to protect her home from Kournan reprisals—many citizens were hoping that she'd never return. Deep in her heart, she knows that her decisions will be proven right in the end. For some unfathomable reason, she seems to be very concerned whether Koss understands the importance of her values. Melonni is slowly learning to pick her fights a bit more carefully, largely through trial and error, and she's courageous enough to finish the fights she starts. By the time she's ready to return to her home, she's hopeful that she'll be welcomed as a hero. If no one can accept that, she'll just have to show them the error of their ways.

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Melonni's an idealistic crusader from a small town in Kourna. She sees herself as a woman who fights for what she believes in... even when no one else around her agrees. When she was younger, no cause was too daunting, no sacrifice too great for the sake of her people. For better or for worse, the villagers of her homeland will never forget her. Now that she's older, she's learning to pick her fights a bit more carefully, largely through trial and error. Deep in her heart, she knows that her decisions will be proven right in the end. By the time she's ready to return home, she's hopeful that she'll be welcomed as a hero.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts



R indicates that Melonni must be in the party


R indicates that Melonni must be in the party

Quests given:

Quests involved in:



Complete the primary quest Signs and Portents, which is obtained from Emissary Dajmir.

Characters of other campaigns may unlock Melonni during the primary quest Battle Preparations, obtained from Seamarshal Bendro.


Hero default skills[edit]

6 Earth Prayers, 2 Mysticism, 4 Scythe Mastery at level 8; 10 Earth Prayers, 5 Mysticism, 9 Scythe Mastery at level 15

The Norn Fighting Tournament[edit]

15 Mysticism


Melonni starts with basic armor labeled as Sunspear armor and a Reaper's Hood. The armor has a unique appearance that bears a resemblance to both Sunspear armor and Elonian armor. Her armor provides +25 Health and has an armor rating of 10 to 70, depending on her level. Her headgear, like any other headgear, provides a +1 attribute bonus to the attribute rune that is applied to it.

The appearance of her armor can be upgraded to Elite Sunspear armor using Stolen Sunspear Armor acquired from the Dajkah Inlet challenge mission. The appearance of her armor can be upgraded to Primeval armor using Primeval Armor Remnants acquired in the Domain of Anguish and during the Ebony Citadel of Mallyx mission.

See Melonni's armor gallery.


Zehlon Reach and the Command Post
"Melandru blesses my steps, but my heart belongs to Kourna. I am a dervish of the Sunspears, and I know this land better than anyone. Those who threaten my country, like Varesh Ossa and her minions, shall regret doing so."
The Tribunal
"Don't let the Kournans get away with this! They have done enough harm to Elona."
Throne of Secrets
"Varesh is defeated and Abaddon destroyed. This is a great day for Elona."


Idle quotes[edit]

"I remember when all of Elona was free."'
"If you lose hope... you lose everything else along with it."'
"Melandru protects the weak. How can I do less?"'
"There are times when home seems so far away...."'

Quotes pertaining to the relationship between Koss, Melonni, and Tahlkora:

"Actually, I think Tahlkora is learning how to fight. I wonder if Koss is teaching her that."
"Have you noticed that in battle Koss jumps in front of Tahlkora. You'd think she was made of glass."

Storyline quotes[edit]

Quotes in the context of the Nightfall storyline:

"The Elders seem to think of the Sunspears as their personal task force. Kormir will tell you they have a greater purpose."
"I remember when Koss used to pull my pigtails. What he's leaving out is that I'd rub his face in the mud for doing it."'
  • Isle of the Dead:
"If that Apocrypha could hide in here, what other things could be waiting for us?"
"We're going to need help. The undead have awoken! We should ask First Spear Dehvad to assign more Sunspears to help us."'
  • Bad Tide Rising:
"I don't know much about Zaishen, but from watching them in combat I think the word must mean "Sunspear" in Canthan. I'm proud to fight by their side."
"I don't understand why Kormir would leave right when Istan needs her most! I am sure she trusts us. That's enough reason for me. We'd better live up to her faith."
  • Special Delivery:
"If Kormir trusts Jerek, then I'll follow orders and work with him. But if I talk to him, I'm going to tell him exactly what I think."
"Koss has a good heart. I just wonder where his brain is, sometimes."
  • Big News, Small Package:
"I don't care much for this girl, Tahlkora. She avoids every question we ask about her past. How can you trust someone who clearly has things to hide?"
"Nobody's going to take this threat seriously... assuming there is a threat, and this isn't just all in that little girl's imagination. The sooner we get back to the Plains of Jarin, the sooner we can be rid of her."
  • Following the Trail:
"Have you seen the way that Tahlkora looks at Koss? All moon-eyed?"
"All right, all right. I was wrong about the map. This information is worthwhile."
"Tahlkora's very smart. She's also whiny, annoying, and as scared of breaking a nail as she is of dying at the hands of the corsairs..[sic]"
  • The Iron Truth:
"Hunt down Ironfist? Oh, yeah. I've been waiting for this for a long, long time."
"I'm sure Jerek's heard from the Elders by now. We've got plenty of evidence. I'm really looking forward to shoving this so far down the Kournans' throats that they choke on my wrist."
  • Trial by Fire:
"Let me testify. I'll give those Kournans a piece of my mind!"
"Those Elders wouldn't know real danger if they had their head in a hyena's mouth! Ooooh, they make me so mad!"
"Dwayna? Why are we asking Dwayna? We should be talking to Balthazar, or better yet, Grenth, and warning him that he's about to have visitors!"
"Get your weapon ready, Koss. The Sunspears are going to hand Varesh's troops a cartful of pain."
  • War Preparations (Ghost Reconnaissance):
"Fair winds and good luck? Don't these priests understand that all we need is a strong arm and Kormir to show us the way?"
"Varesh will never know what hit her."
  • The Time is Nigh:
"Chahbek, huh? Some of our best Sunspears are from Chahbek Village."
"I'm ready to go if you are. Varesh Ossa will think twice about facing the Sunspears after this!"
"Melandru save the Sunspears. We need to get them somewhere safe. This isn't over, mark my words."
"I told them months ago those cisterns were infested. If they're lucky we had what it took to get the situation fixed."
  • The Great Escape:
"I'm worried about Koss. I know I give him a hard time, but that pride-addled nitwit is important to... all of us. Let's get him out of there fast. And... um... don't tell him I was worried about him, okay?"
"I wasn't worried about Koss at all. In fact, he could have stayed in there forever for all I care. I'd have considered it my gift to all women of Elona."
"I'm going to save those Sunspears, plan or no plan."
"I've crossed swords with Margrid a time or two, and while I don't respect her ethics, I can't help but admire her skill."
"I'd never have believed it. You've got a lot more courage than I gave you credit for."
"I don't know where the Elders get their delusions. Kormir didn't fail them, they failed her!"
"Give up? Never! There has to be a way through to Vabbi! We should talk to Lonai in the Sunspear Sanctuary and get a better suggestion."
"I don't mind keeping a centaur around, but what does he eat? Hey, I know. How about we feed him Tahlkora? No? Why, too much whine with the meal?"
"Palawa Joko. That's a name to give you nightmares. What? No, I'm not afraid."
"I've tangled with Margrid before. If she says she knows a way to get in and rescue Kormir, you can bet her word's as good as gold."
"Kormir would want us to save her people. That's all there is to it. She was a good leader, but there's no sense holding on to something that's gone."
"Keep an eye on Dunkoro. His idea of "backup plan" usually involves massive explosions."
"We're doing the right thing purging these creatures from the sacred river. Melandru will be watching over us."
"Stop fussing with your backpack and get a move on. We've finally got a real chance to save Kormir and every minute counts."
"You've got the invitation. You go. Have fun. Don't mind us."
"Good luck at the party. I don't envy you."
"Hello? Trap."
"Wait... what? Tahlkora was at the party? She's a princess? I guess she and Koss are really perfect for each other, then. I should have known. You can't make a tiger change its stripes."
"Trap at the play. Very surprising. I'm so amazed. I didn't see that coming. It was a trap after all. How shocking."
"Hidden City of ... Wait a minute. I know this place. I heard about it a few years ago. It's nothing more than a crypt hidden somewhere under Vabbi. Hidden City ... that's the most pretentious thing I've ever heard."
"Vabbi's overrun, but we can still save it. Screw your courage to the sticking-place, my friend."
"Goren dancing... can't force the image from my head... eyes burning..."
"Who told Tahlkora to do the talking? Dunkoro! What were you thinking?"
"Sweet Melandru, say it is not so. Lyssa's temple? Tahlkora, stay close. We must stand together, now. This is bigger than personal issues. This is Nightfall."
"Zerai's right. Varesh's next logical strike is the Grand Forum. As much as I hate the government of Vabbi, these merchants are still people. We'd better hurry to the Forum Highlands."
"My head is killing me. I don't want to talk about it.... Can we just get to the Marga Coast?"
"In my nightmares, I always see Elder Jonah, calling out to me. I run toward him but I never reach him. He's in Ronjok, so that's where we need to start."
"Only Palawa Joko knew the way to cross the Desolation? We'll see about that."
"No! Kormir! What are we going to do without her? Leave me alone for a minute, I need to pull myself together."
"I can't get my dreams out of my mind. There are people all over Elona on the edge of destruction. And we're all that stand between them and Nightfall."
"Djinn fire? That sounds like just the thing to teach Varesh not to mess with the Istani! She'll never see it coming, and that's an advantage, too."
"Talking to Palawa Joko always gives me the creeps. I don't like the deal we're making here."
"Of course Kormir is here. Why should I be surprised? We need to catch up to her; she can't do this alone."
"This is like my nightmares...only much worse."
"I cannot imagine a worse place than this. Was it created by Abaddon or did this realm drive Abaddon mad?"
"Keep your eyes open. There's something strange going on here, and I suspect Abaddon has allies that we don't know about."
"Those Margonites never let up! They're mindless drones, following because they don't know what else to do. It gives me the creeps."
"Melandru, hear me. Help us fight this evil, and guide us to our goal."
"Blessed Melandru, thank you for your protection. I am your servant still."

Battle quotes[edit]

"Death will be your fate."
"Did we get them all?"
"Fear not, my friends."
"For the people of Elona!"
"Have courage!"
"Hurry up! There aren't many of our foes left!"
"I will mark your grave with a tree grown in heart's blood."
"May Melandru show you the mercy that I cannot."
"Melandru, show me the way!"
"Our future is yet unwritten."
"Return to the earth that bore you."
"Rise, and do not despair!"
"Stand beside me and fight, my friends!"
"Unsheathe your sword and unleash your heart."


  • A duplicate Melonni will show up as a "Sunspear Dervish".
  • Melonni's default weapon is a Suntouched Scythe.
  • Melonni is an old friend of Koss. The Nightfall storyline unfolds their relationship with each other, and with Tahlkora.
  • Melonni has a tonic form.


  • The voice actor for this character is Amanda Philipson.
  • Her quote "Screw your courage to the sticking place" is a line from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

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