Calling the Order

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Calling the Order
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Head Priest Vahmani
in Grand Court of Sebelkeh
Required hero Master of Whispers
Preceded by Warning Kehanni
Followed by Dzagonur Bastion
Type Primary quest
Calling the Order map.jpg
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Call for the Order of Whispers to aid in the fight against the Margonites at the Citadel of Dzagon.

Quest information[edit]



  • Call upon the Order of Whispers.
  • Bring the Master of Whispers with you and use the Acolytes to defend against the Margonite threat.
  • Use the Acolytes to defend against the onslaught of demons.
  • Defend Norgu from the attacking forces.
  • Talk to Norgu.
  • Inform Prince Ahmtur the Mighty that the Order of Whispers will help protect the Citadel of Dzagon.
  • See Lieutenant Murunda for your reward.



  1. Make your way north from Chantry of Secrets to the map marker.
  2. When you arrive Disciple of Secrets tells you to choose a side that the Order of Whispers should fight. For an easy fight choose Rangers and stay with Norgu and kill the Warriors that will appear. The Whispers Acolytes use "Shields Up!", so they are more suited to fight the Rangers. Your party should be able to kill the Warriors before they gain enough adrenaline to use their adrenaline attack skills.
  3. Talk to Norgu after both sets of Margonites are killed.
  4. Map travel to Grand Court of Sebelkeh and then exit on the east side to make your way towards Dzagonur Bastion in the north-east
    • Alternatively, map travel directly to Dzagonur Bastion if you unlocked it previously then simply exit southwest and speak with Prince Ahmtur the Mighty who is just outside.



In Mirror of Lyss


In Yatendi Canyons


Humans (Order of Whispers)


In Yatendi Canyons

Demons (Margonites)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Head Priest Vahmani
"Varesh's forces aren't what they seemed to be. I do not know where or when she will strike, but these old bones tell me that we should not wait to find out. There is one with you, a quiet and secretive fellow. Many of his order are here in Vabbi. They hunt the corrupted and the supernatural. They were once part of Turai Ossa's elite spy network. They were the ones who sealed away Palawa Joko after the battle of Jahai. They could, perhaps, help save Vabbi once again. Recruit their help."
Yes Accept: "We must rally support for the cause."
No Decline: "Maybe some other time."
Ask Ask: "Visit the Yatendi Canyons. Some who you seek make their home within the canyon walls."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Whispers Acolyte
"The Order of the Whispers is called upon? Varesh has blessed her forces with Abaddon's prayers. The heket to the north have been tainted with her vile touch as well. Margonites have been spilling through Jahai. We don't know if this is just a distraction or if Vabbi is her ultimate goal. We will help you in whatever we can. Right now, however, we need your help slaying some Margonites that have surrounded the Chantry of Secrets."
Disciple of Secrets
"The Margonites and Kournans are moving in to attack. Where do you want us?"
Yes "Attack the column of Warriors!"
Yes "Attack the column of Rangers!"
Master of Whispers: "The Order of the Whispers has been called!"
Master of Whispers: "There is only one speed...mine. If you can't keep the pace, you'll succumb to the enemy."
Master of Whispers: "<Party leader>! Order the Disciple of Whispers [sic] to take on one of the enemy squads. We can handle the others."
"I have been chasing you for miles! The Citadel of Dzagon is under siege. After they surrounded the temple, the forces moved north into the Dzagon canyon! I will help you defend Dzagon Citadel. Prince Ahmtur the Mighty is waiting for help in the Mirror of Lyss."
Master of Whispers: "We must hurry to the Citadel of Dzagon and speak with Prince Ahmtur the Mighty."
Prince Ahmtur the Mighty
"I have used all my wealth to protect this realm while my brothers lived lives of opulence and of study. Thank Lyssa you have called the Order of Whispers! It makes this old veteran smile seeing such heroism in the twilight of the gods."
Yes "We are at your service, Prince. We shall strike down our enemies together."
"We must make haste to defend the Citadel! When you are ready, we shall watch the sun set on this realm as brothers in arms."
Yes Accept: "We are ready."
No Decline: "We are not ready yet."
Choosing "We are ready" will start the cinematic.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Lieutenant Murunda
"My Norgu found you? That is cute. He can't fight half as well as he can act, but when the candles go out...nevermind. They will start their initial assault very soon. Ahmtur seems to believe this to be merely a distraction while others feel it is an all out assault. Either way, it is one we cannot ignore. This may help."


  • Sending the Order of Whispers to a side too early (not triggering Norgu) may cause them to miss their Margonite group, allowing Norgu to be attacked and killed.
  • If your quest log does not update properly after sending the Whispers to the Ranger side, check near the bridge for remaining Margonites. On very rare occasions, your allies can get killed by a nearby group of Kournans.


  • Master of Whispers' line "There is only one speed...mine" is a reference to the prison escape sequence from The Chronicles of Riddick.