Prince Ahmtur the Mighty

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Prince Ahmtur the Mighty
Prince Ahmtur the Mighty.jpg
Affiliation Vabbian military
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

The prince of the Citadel of Dzagon is in a frustrating situation. Prince Ahmtur is a man of action, an aggressive, take-charge leader...who has been forced into a defensive position. He became prince by securing trade routes from raiding inhuman tribes, cleverly planning raids and attacks. Defending those routes is another matter entirely. His troops must hold back raiders while the rest of the merchant princes benefit from his work. So far, he’s managed to hold the raiders at bay, but he longs to see direct action again. He’d rather go on the offensive than limit his life to garrison and patrol duty. He’s going a little stir crazy, but as long as the inhuman tribes are a credible threat, he cannot walk away.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts




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Tihark Orchard:

"I hear you won the battle of Jahai reenactment today. Most impressive! I have a great respect for those with guts to fight and skill to win. If you seek my audience, I will gladly spare a moment of my time. It is the least I can do for a skilled gladiator such as yourself."
Yes "I am ready."
"I believe these concerns you have regarding Warmarshal Varesh have merit, but I have greater problems of my own that I cannot be distracted from. My lands are on the edge of Vabbi. They border on the wilds where the creatures from the broken lands lurk. Should my fortress fall to these horrors, all of Vabbi will follow within a matter of days. I must keep my attention on the gates. I pray Lyssa will go with you in your quest against Varesh."

Wilderness of Bahdza and The Mirror of Lyss:

"If people wish to know me better, they must know the values instilled in me. I was raised in the desert, away from the eyes of civilization. The strength of action and persistence of family are two I hold dear."

The Mirror of Lyss (during Calling the Order):

"A realm to protect is the greatest treasure a leader can possess. What can I help you with, hero?"

Dzagonur Bastion:

"When you're ready, this portal here will take you down to the front lines. Now, let's go push back those Kournans and demons! Let them feel the wrath of our siege weapons! They shall not take Vabbi while we are still standing."


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