Guard Rescue

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Guard Rescue
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Prince Ahmtur the Mighty
in Wilderness of Bahdza
Preceded by Population Control
Followed by Extinction
Type Secondary quest
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Track down the missing Vabbian guard patrol and rescue its surviving members.

Quest information[edit]


  • Travel to the eastern side of Resplendent Makuun. Explore the last known position of the raiding party.
  • Find the captured guard captain and assess the situation.
  • Escort the freed guards from the heket lair.
  • Hand over the freed guards to the rescue party.
  • See Prince Ahmtur the Mighty for your reward.



If you do this quest immediately after Population Control, it's probably easiest to walk straight back across the Wilderness to Resplendent Makuun, since the route will be clear after doing the previous quest.

If you do this quest later, it's best to start from the Honur Hill outpost, and take your party along the northern edge of Resplendent Makuun to the first objective.

In either case, follow the quest pointer and make your way towards the missing patrol's last known position. Unfortunately, few members of the patrol remain; they have no doubt been slain by the heket in the area. However, the captain and 2 guards are still alive and being held prisoner, so the party must make haste to the next point and rescue them from the roaming creatures!

Having rescued the still living members of the patrol, escort them to Captain Portir and his rescue team on the eastern side of Resplendent Makuun, where you can hand over the freed guards and their captain.

To collect your reward from Prince Ahmtur, map back to Dzagonur Bastion and walk back to the Citadel in the Wilderness of Bahdza.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Prince Ahmtur the Mighty

"You're just in time, <player name>. While you were off dispatching the harpy commanders, one of my patrols was lost. I do not know if they were killed in action, captured, or otherwise. I don't have the manpower to spare, but I am willing to pay a fair price to anyone with the gumption to form a search party."
Yes Accept: "We will leave none behind."
No Decline: "The cause is hopeless."
Ask Ask: "<Player name>! You must search for the lost patrol. Hurry, before it's too late!"

Captured Guard Captain[edit]

Guard Captain

"Thank Dwayna Prince Ahmtur sent for our rescue. You've no doubt passed through the carnage from our last stand, yes? The smell of death is overpowering. Let us leave this place before any more of us expire!"

Rescue Party[edit]

Captain Portir

"Ho, <Player name>! Prince Ahmtur the Mighty sent us to aid you in the rescue. He sends his warmest regards and wishes you a safe trip back to the Citadel of Dzagon where he will reward you justly for your services. We'll take these men the rest of the way home."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Prince Ahmtur the Mighty

"You are a sight for sore eyes, <Player name>. I trust that the reinforcements met you in the field? I hope the casualities weren't as bad as I feared. I have lost too many to those inhuman heket. Take this. You've earned every last bit."


Works well with The Show Must Go On